So, I've got a Tournament in June that requires players to submit a 1000 point army and a 500pt releif force that must comply with the FOC of the 1000 point list (essentially a 1500 point listsplit into 2 forces). The tourney is set up like a campaign, with three main factions competing (ie Imperials, Chaos and Xenos). Each faction has a Commanding Officer (in the case of the Imperial side, it's me :blink: May the Emperor shield us!!) who directs the deployment of allied players according to the abilities of their army and the victory conditions of each table. To reflect my position of command I am choosing to field a Force Commander. Also, being that I am a Salamander player, I will be using primarily flamers and meltaguns. So here goes:

1000 point Main Force:

Traits: Clense and Purify, Never Dispair, Eye to Eye


Chapter Master Gustav: Terminator Armour, Thunderhammer, Storm Bolter and Adamantine Mantle - 170


6 Assault Terminators: 2 with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, 4 with Lightning Claws - 240

Dreadnaught: Missile Launcher - 115


9 Marines: Vet with Plasma Pistol, 2 with Flamers - 176
Rhino: Smoke Launchers - 53
9 Marines: Vet with Power Weapon and Combat Shield, 1 with Flamer 1 with Meltagun - 185
Rhino: Smoke Launchers - 53
500 point Reserve List


Reclusiarch: Terminator Honours, Bolt Pistol - 101

Command Squad: 9 Marines, Vet with Power Weapon, Apothecary, Standard Bearer and Company Champion - 230

Heavy Support

Devestator Squad: 6 Marines, 2 Multimeltas - 125
Drop Pod - 30
Tactics are to run the CM and Assault Termies up the centre of the line, using the Rhino's as mobile cover. Tactical Squads act as low-tech assault squads moving in close and hammering opponent with combined firepower from both units. Dreadnaught provides Mid-Range support with Assault Cannon and Missiles. What does everyone think? Comments and suggestions are welcome but please don't detract from the theme of the army, because I'm also going for player's choice too :shifty: .