Company Master - Power weapon, Plasma Pistol 130 Points
Command Squad - 5 marines, 2 Plasma Guns, 1 Apothecary 155 Points

Chaplain - 100 Points


Veteran Squad - 5 Veterans, 5 combat shields, 3 power weapons 175 Points
Razorback - 50 Points


Tactical Squad - 5 marines, Vet plasma Pistol, Power Sword 120 Points

Tactical Squad - 5 marines, Vet power weapon 105 Points


Ravenwing Attack Squadron - 3 bikes, 1 melta gun, power weapon 145 Points

Assault Squad - 5 marines, power fist, 150 Points


Predator - Lascannon, Lascannon sponsons, Extra armour 180 Points

Devastators - 5 marines, 4 Plasma Cannons 190 Points


ok the pred and dev squads stand back and provide long range heavy firepower. the pred either wasting something each turn or surviving a fair amount of fire until it finnally pops thus sparing my army..

the raven wing and assault squad are to tie up any dangerous enemy firebases as soon as possible (raven wing bikers...somehow out perform other bikers no matter the odds. i love these guys)

the tac squads are small and meant to act as either a buffer between the dev squad and anny assualts or shooting, or to plug a gap or hold an objective.

the company master provides solid leadership with resonable flexibility in his role as well.

the veteran squad (the optoins are so cool i can see these guys becomeing a very firm fav with DAplayers everywhere) have proven theirworth time and time again and together with the chaplain either form a rear gaurd able to rush forward and plug a gap, counter an enemy push or take out any deepstrikers