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    noob bt army 750pt

    1x master of sancity @ 114pts
    _1x bp
    _1x frags+kraks
    1x emporers champion @ 100pts
    _1x uphold the honor of the emporer
    5x assult sq. @ 110pts
    5x initiate sq. @90pts (in razorback)
    _5x kraks
    1x razorback @100pts
    _1x tllc
    _1x storm bolter
    10x crusader sq @146pts
    _10x frags
    _5x initates
    __1x ccw bp
    __1x flamer
    5x initiate sq. @ 90pts
    _1x ml

    total 750pts

    i know the major weakness in this army is anti-tank any suggestions on how to fix this

    also i'm looking at making a 1000pt army what should i buy

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    8 (x1)

    sorry for doble post but i have almost no veiws that aren't mine

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    hey man , first of all :
    -Do you need 2 hq's ?
    -Your chappy dont need kraks , if anything i would say melta bombs
    -i would either upgrade the assault squad ( t honours + power fist ) or just take out the squad its expensive anyways
    -for the 1st initiate squad i would make it 6 with a power fist and a melta gun , and take out the kraks and put frags
    -for the 10 man i would give it a power fist and melta , 9 neophytes and 19 frags
    - if you taken out the ass squad which you should , i would exchange the last squad to a 8 man squad with 4 ml's or just 5 with 2 .

    well ill just give you a sample list :

    - Bp , frags (, Melta bombs?)

    EC ( Take this out if it's not manditory )
    -Uphold the honour of the Emporer

    Troops - 6 man Initiate
    - P fist , T honours , Melta , Razorback with TLHB

    Troops - 10 man initiate ( insert chappy here )
    - P fist , t honours , melta , +9 neophytes

    HS - 6 man dev ( 8 if u can squeeze )
    - 3 ml ( 4 if you can squeeze )

    And what you do is deploy everything but the razor back in one corner the tank in the other move the tank 12 , have the EC follow it move the 20 man squad up and have the devs shoot everything .

    So basically the razor back is either distraction or objective takers , and have the 20 man squad move up and take the hits , anyways it needs 5 guys to die for a LD check and that wont happen with 3 up saves , and if that happens the unit is fearless all together . have the devs shoot up tanks then go onto infantry and try to avoid the distraction units such as killa cans , pirhannas or carnifexes etc . and have the EC follow the RB and then split to take out HQ's , and to harass units .

    So here is the sumamry

    HQ - Chappy with 19 man squad
    HQ - EC follow the RB and then split up to harass units or hq's
    Troop with RB - come up the other side to cause a distraction , take objective or attack behind the lines such as the heavy support
    Troop 19 man - with chappy move up and attack the other army straight up ignore terrain and get to the enemy asap for CC ( this unit is basically invinsibe 20 3+ saves 10 LD no matter what , 5 casualties for a ld check , will win combat , outnumber and then chase with init 5 chappy )
    HS - Dev's take out main support , basically kicks the legs of the chair .

    Well i dotn know what i really said but thats my help =D

    Trooper Outt""

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    50 (x2)

    I'm not up on Black Templar rules or anything, but looking at it from a SM point of view, two things jump out at me-

    1. Master of Sanctity in a 750 point game-
    This is probably overkill. You'd be better off dropping him to a Reclusiarch and using the points saved to buy Terminator Honors. Or better yet, find another five points and buy the dude a jump pack.

    2. 5 man assault squad-
    Too small. Even in this level of game, they'll probably be shot to ribbons before they meet the enemy. Either bulk up this squad or ditch it entirely.

    In general, I'd lose the kraks anywhere you have them. For the points you save, you ought to be able to buy a ML or a LC or something that's more reliable and easier to use. I'd also ditch the flamer as you probably won't get to use it and even if you do, it's really not much more efficient than a bolter.

    As far as your anti-tank concerns, it's only a 750 game. You're probably not looking at much more than a single Pred/ Dread/ 'Fex/ Russ/ etc. on the other side of the table. In any case, I think I'd be more concerned with anti-infantry at this level of game. Ditch one of the HQs if possible and use the points to buy a few more bodies and some more anti-infantry guns: heavy bolters and plasma guns.

    Also, for what you're spending on that Emperor's Champ you could have a LST and a jump pack for that Chaplain. Something to consider.
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