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    New 1000pts list for tournament

    Hi guys, here is my new list .... wanted to hear your opinnion. this has more anti tank as well as more ways to deal with good CC armies.


    Reclusiarch @122pts
    -Jump Pack
    -Bolt Pistol
    -Termi Honours
    -Frag G


    1x 5 man tactical squad + 1 Las Cannon + 1 Plasma Gun @100pts
    1x 5 man tactical squad + 1 Las Cannon + 1 Plasma Gun @100pts
    1x 10 man scout squad with CCweap and Bolt Pistol + veteran sergeant + powerfist + boltpistol +auspex ( spare pts ) @ 161 pts

    Fast Attack:

    1x 8 man Assault Squad + Veteran Sergeant + Bolt Pistol + Powerfist @ 207 pts
    1x 1 man Land Speeder Tornado Squad +Assault Cannon + Heavy bolter @ 80pts
    1x 1 man Land Speeder Tornado Squad +Assault Cannon + Heavy bolter @ 80pts

    Heavy Support

    1x 6 man Devastator squad + 3 missile launchers @ 150 pts


    1000 pts

    what do you guys think???

    Here you see a lot of 3+ save armies like SM and Chaos. also necrons. Some guys play Tyranids too.

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    Could be tweaked a lot better towards anti-MEQ if that is your goal.

    The list is a little low on model count.

    Watch your Landspeeders with Necrons (their Destroyers many shots will down them straight, and they can move 12" before shooting so they will be able to get the speeders even behind most cover. Well worth the trick considering that that's a whole lot of VPs from one unit's shooting phase.
    They deal deatch against Tyranids, but even here watch them. Carnifexes can be very shooty, don't underestimate that threat. (So watch your speeders here as well as against any other army, even if you think its only a horde of close combat monsters coming at you...) And don't think the skimmer rules (hard to hit in close combat) will save it from dying against Genestealers! Too many attacks...

    Auspex on the Scout Sergeant? What are they going to do? Shoot 10 Bolt Pistols at infiltrators? Really, give that Auspex to some other unit that can actually do some harm with their guns.

    I really love Tornadoes but have found them quite useless against MEQ armies (whom I mainly play). The Assault Cannon does do some damage, but to have it on Terminators or even a Dreadnought (not against Necrons though) is more useful here, as those have many other useful features against MEQs. They do tend to have the weaponry to down your Landspeeders very quickly which gets costly.

    Also, you have not emphasized either up-front units nor your firebase. Both seem to weigh each other out. Against Chaos SM (Khorne, e.g.) the Scouts would already suffice as a countercharge unit together with the Chaplain, while you should spend the rest of the points to shoot those Berzerkers to dust before they get at you. You, on the other hand, have a second countercharge unit (which does not hurt), but a very, very expensive one (which does hurt).
    While when you go up ahead you will either have the Assault squad operate totally on its own (speeders don't count as support in that case) which is a no-go, but if you take the Scouts with you you'll leave your firebase -which does have considerable size- prone. Necrons for example will use their many teleport abilities to leave close combat, pop up next to your firebase and decimate it badly.
    Just make sure this "balance" doesn't turn into a weakness. I find it's a little difficult with such 50%-50% lists.

    But nonetheless this IS a list that is able to win against all the opponents you listed. It's just not optimized against ANY of them.
    I won't be able to comment on any changes for the rest of the week, so all I can say is: good luck, go ahead and have fun!

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