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    Fluffy for army (list soon)

    The Mongrels

    In the vast, unending wars the wrack the Imperium millions of men are drafted to fight. Taken from their homeworld they are sent to fight, die, and face untold horrors in the vain hope that they may one day be allowed to settle on a world that they take. None will ever see their home again. The one thing that unites them is the fact that they are surrounded by their brothers. For some, however, this comfort is taken from them.
    Regiments are raised form one world; bring with them all the special equipment that they will need. As the campaign wears on and attrition takes its toll eventually these regiments will need reinforcement. Usually they will draw their reserves from their homeworld; for some, however, this is not possible. These broken regiments are lumped tighter to create an ad hoc fighting force. The only reputation these regiments usually earn is for their high causality lists.
    Perhaps it is I because they are too different or because they don’t have time to learn to trust one another. Whatever the reason, these formations are usually barely worth the rations they are given. Often they are assigned to suicide assignments or used to plug a hole in the line before it is overrun. Whatever the reason is it a given that they are worthless and mostly ineffective.
    During the great Waagh that shook Armageddon many regiments were sent to that world’s desperate defense. Soldiers from worlds that had never heard of each other stood shoulder to shoulder against the Ork horde. Many would never see or hear from their worlds again. As causalities built up these mauled regiments were forced to combine and fight together as the 14th Armageddon Auxiliaries. They were otherwise known as the Mongrels.
    They were Slavars and Cadians, Iron Guard and Death Guard. Lumped together they were force to the front to hold the line against a great Ork push. Already written off for dead the war planners began to strategize on how to take back the sector. Desperation can make men brothers quickly, and in that moment the men came together to hold the line. Prejudices quickly faded as the Orks stormed the lines. With lasgun, bayonet, and sharpened shovel they beat back the green tide.
    The Mongrels have now been sent off planet to fight the enemies of Man. It is not uncommon for the Mongrels to emerge from a war zone with more men and material than they came with. Scrounging for men and material, the skills of the Slavar are put to work. This has led to an odd set of fighting formations that give the Mongrels and level of tactical efficiency not found in other regiments.
    The Mongrels count an odd mix of units in their ranks. Since they lack the heavy material that most other Guard regiments rely on they have trained a small body of light infantry to help scout the way. Since they can often find a large body of orphaned troops in any war zone, they can quickly raise conscripts to serve in their ranks. Not all of their adoptee are unskilled; occasionally the find a few survivors that are tough as nails.
    Light Infantry
    Special Weapons Squads

    I plan to use a variety of models and paints schemes for my army. Im looking on Ebay for some thing right now, and find that some models are prepainted and some belong to a variety of non Cadian factions. i figure why not roll with it? some squads will have two or three uniforms, and i plan to make use of the remant squad rule. tactics will mainly be true IG; line up your men and shoot till there isnt anything

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