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    'Nother 1750 pt League list

    I never was able to make it to the Tourney last month that I wanted to get to, but I have a league that I am sponsoring happening soon.

    It is 1750pts and you need to make a list that takes on all comers.

    I have not been liking my Dreads at all lately( , and want to go with inducted IG for my AT.

    I either like lots of vehicles or none, so this the 'none' list.

    HQ: BC+Psycannon, 91pts. Goes with a FAGK walking.

    Elites: =][= with Pyscannon and Terminator Armour, 70pts. Goes at the back, shoot at what he wants.

    Eversor Assassin, 95pts:ninja: . Acts as a counter assault unit to the enemies assault units, or an infiltrating squad killer.

    Troops: PAGK squad x 2. Justicar + 10 Grey Knights + 2 Pyscannons. 650pts. Start back and kill troops or Transports. Then just kill troops shooting and moving if the have to.

    Inducted IG Platoon. Command squad with Lascannon, Plasma Gun. 2 x Troop squads, each with Plasma Gun and Lascannon. 277pts Sets up separately in as good cover as possible and provides AT/Monstrous Creature, Terminator fire support.

    Fast Attack: FAGK squad. Justicar + 9 Troops. Sets up and walk to objectives. Deep Strikes only when necessary. (perhaps Cleanse game?)

    Seraphim Squad: 10 Seraphim, 2 x Infernon Pistols, Vet Sister with Plasma Pistol, BOSL, and Power Weapon. 290pts. General Objective taker, anti tank roll or counter assault squad.

    Even though it is an Infantry Army, it doesn't lack mobility and should be good for objectives. What do you think???

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    Your lists are always very solid, Diggums, I don't know why you bother posting!

    The only recommendations I have are preferential tweaks only; things that I would do were it me using the same tools you are. There's nothing that you really need to do. The main thing is that I prefer to run more "solid" squads wherever possible, whereas I know you like to run your squads "full" whenever possible, even at the cost of another "solid" squad.

    I would run my Seraphim at 8-strong rather than 10. A bit easier to hide around terrain, but the biggest benefit is that it makes the odds for succeeding on your lone Faith test about optimal. You never know whether you're going to want to roll under or over squad size, 8 is just about ideal for maximizing your odds of getting that done without sacrificing the effectiveness of the squad. I also prefer the flexibility and hard-hitting power of an eviscerator over a power weapon. Unlike GKs, I don't have any problem running the girls into combat against dreads -- even possessed Chaos dreads -- not with infernos and an eviscerator, too. The Book is a useless piece of wargear, as the seraphim themselves can't use it, and the rest of your army is fearless.

    I would also drop the psycannons off the PAGKs. The BC, inquisitor, and IG will give you enough long-range dakka. I would also sacrifice up to two GKs from each of your squads because, once combined with the points recovered from losing a couple of seraphim and psycannons, you can easily afford another 8-9 model vanilla GK unit. That's 4 solid GK squads (each at 8-9 models) vs the three you currently have. And you'll be getting more performance, too. If my rough calculations are correct, you could have 4 Justicars and 31 vanilla GKs instead of the 3 Justicars, 23 vanilla GKs, and 4 Space Marines you currently have.

    That's my $0.02. Good luck!
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    Drop the termi armor off your inquisitor. Hide this guy behind your IG and use his IC status to make him completely untargetable, thus negating the importance of armor save. With a 36" range you shouldn't really need to be moving this guy to find targets to shoot.

    Taking these two things into consideration theres no reason to waste points on upgrades to an Inquisitor who will be at his most efficient and effective as bare naked as you can keep him.

    Since your bringing Sera, if you can find around 110-120 spare points you could bring a Jump Pack Cannoness with an Evis and maybe an Inferno Pistol. This little lady is an absolute terror against armor and tough targets and would have great synergy with the Sera and your Eversor...but perhaps a little bit expensive of a points investment for a DH army.
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    Looks like a really good list to me! Very similar to my current list which is currently in progress, though I added a Flying Cannoness o' Doom instead of the inducted guard. The only suggestion I'd make is on the Seraphim VSS loadout. The pistol/PW gives her an extra attack, it's true, but at only her standard human strength. I personally like the eviscerator better, since it gives the squad even more punch in assault, especially against the harder targets like MC's, IC's, etc. It also gives you another option if the TLIP's fail to take out armour -- you can always follow up with an assault =).

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