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    My Cobra Command (1000pts)

    Ive decided that i would create an army based around the great army of Cobra. Famous for their amounts of pew pew on the battlefield, the Cobra force will try to pin their opponents while their heavy guns work them down. while the average line soldier may not be able to hit the broad side of a barn, the elite Crismson Guard will work into position to destroy the enemy! Cobra Commander takes the helm and leads his troops to glory

    Iron Discipline

    HQ (Cobra Commander's bodyguard) (112)
    HSO with trademark item (shiny mask), Boltgun (81)
    x2 troops with plasma (20)
    X1 vet with banner (11)

    Fire Support X3 Heavy Bolters (80)
    Anti Tank X3 Lascannons (110)

    Elites (Crimson Guard) (150)
    Stormtrooper #1 (75)
    Sergeant + 4 troopers
    Melta Guns
    Deep Strike

    Stormtrooper #2 (75)
    Sergeant + 4 troopers

    Troop Choices

    Platoon #1 (211)
    JO with Bolter and Iron Discipline (46)
    with 4 reg guard

    Conscript Platoon #1 (55)
    Heavy Bolter
    Conscript Platoon #2 (55)
    Heavy Bolter
    Conscript Platoon #3 (55)
    Heavy Bolter

    Platoon #2 (211)
    JO with Bolter (46)
    with 4 reg guard

    Conscript Platoon #1 (55)
    Heavy Bolter
    Conscript Platoon #2 (55)
    Heavy Bolter
    Conscript Platoon #3 (55)
    Heavy Bolter

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    Right this list has a few problems and is basiclaly illegal.

    standard and two plasma, as you are going gunline drop the plasma and get a mortar then hide the squad.

    Put 2 special weapons in each squad otherwise they arent worth it.Vets are also much better. they are cheaper infiltrate for free and with the doctrine drop troop for free aswell. they can take three special weapons and as the squads are suicide it would work much better.


    This section is illegal and wrong.
    there is no platoon. conscripts are not taken like this.
    you need the platoon first then you cna take conscripts.
    platoon is a command squad like you have then a min of two a max of 5 normal squads from the platoon section.

    The conscripts are taken in multiples of ten starting with a min of 20 men and having a max of 50. they do not take commands.

    As for the weapons they have. giving conscripts heavy bolters isnt the best idea. they are worse shots and the weapons are more expensive (no idea what GW was thinking there it should be worse shot cheaper weapon but there you go), flamers are a much better idea.

    As for the banner you have in the command conscripts and stormies dont benefit from its effects making it worthless (though when you mae the list legal it wont be)
    The platoon commands are a bit bare aswell think of giving them a special wepaon each just to bump up their effectiveness.

    overall nice fluffy concept completely illegal list. change the troops to a legal list and more can be said.

    hope that helps


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