This is just me and my friend who have a rilvary to set. He is a big chaos player, and i a big imperial player. after a string of losses, my guard armies turned it around with 3 straight crushing victories. now that i have assembled the rest of my space marines i'm gonna have my adeptus astartes have a go at him.

they are more just me thinking they're cool than actual effectiveness, they'd work a lot better in close ranged fights of a city, as they got no special weapons and lots and lots of bolters and several assault squads in the form of vets and command squads.

here it is:

Epistolary: 302
Veil of Time
artificer armor
iron halo

Master Commander: 133
Combat Shield

Command Squad 160
Vet Sgt. w/ Termie honors, termie armor, power fist, storm bolter
Furious charge
True Grit
Counter Attack


Vet Squad x5: 242
Vet Sgt. MC PF, boltpistol
Lightning claws
Termie honros
Furious charge
True Grit
Counter Attack

Venerable Dreadnought 155
tank hunter, extra armor, hvy flamer

Dreadnought 120
hvy flamer, extra armor


Squad Alpha x9 221
Vet Sgt. w/termie honors/armor, SB, LC
True Grit, Counter attack

Squad Beta x5 212
Vet sgt.w/termie honrors/armor, stomr shield, MC thunder hammer
True Grit, Counter attack
mounted in drop pod

Squad Charl x5 142
Vet Sgt. w/TH,TA,PW,SB
True Grit, Counter attack

Squad Delta x5 137
vet sgt w/TH,TA,PF.SB
True Grit, Counter attack

Grey Knights (Allies) x6 185

What do yal think?

he likes to be balanced, with a mix of support units and assault units, but in the end he usually has more assault units. he also likes to use a defiler in artillery role, hence the deepstriking thunderhammer. also he'll have at least one squad of termies, and although my army has a definite lack of shooty termie killers (plasma) there are a lot of bolters and everysquad has a termie with a nice punch. also we're playing some sort of objective game, prob in a city terrain capturing buildings. so my numerous scoring units are usefull and requre him to dive firepower