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Thread: 2000pt IG!!

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    2000pt IG!!

    This is a list intended to take all comers while having some fluffiness too!

    I've never done a list this big so please all input is welcome!


    p.s The models are Vostroyans, Catichans (spec weapons, M-launchers and vets) and Atilian Rough Riders.

    Doctrines-Close Order Drill,Iron Discipline,Drop Troops,Rough Rider Squads, Special Weapons Squads

    Major Aleksei Alekseevich Brusilov(Senior Officer) w/Iron Discipline, Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon
    Veteran w/Company Standard
    Plasma Gun

    Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord Grigori Rasputin w/Psychic Hood,Holocaust Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon
    2 Mystics
    2 Gun Servitors w/Heavy Bolters

    Anti Tank Support Squad w/3 las Cannons
    Anti Tank Support Squad w/3 Missile Launchers
    Special Weapons Squad w/Demo Charge and 2 Flamers(deep striking)
    Special Weapons Squad w/Demo Charge and 2 Flamers(deep striking)
    Mortar Support Squad

    Platoon HQ-
    Lt.Alexander Samsonov (Jr Officer) w/Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon and Iron Discipline
    2 Plasma Guns

    1st Squad
    Vet Sgt w/Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
    Heavy Bolter
    Plasma Gun
    2nd Squad
    Vet Sgt w/Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
    Heavy Bolter
    Plasma Gun
    3rd Squad (remnants)
    Vet Sgt w/Bolt Pistoland Close Combat Weapon
    5 Guardsmen w/las guns
    Plasma Gun

    Armored Fist Squad
    Chimera w/Multi-laser, Heavy Bolter, Smoke Launchers and Extra Armor
    Vet Sgt w/BP & CCW

    Fast Attack

    7 Rough Riders w/Hunting Lances and Vet Sgt-83pts
    7 Rough Riders w/Hunting Lances and Vet Sgt-83pts
    2 Sentinels w/Heavy Flamers(deep striking & 1 w/Improved Comms)-100pts

    Daemon host-85pts

    Hardened Vets squad (deep striking)
    6 Hardened Vets w/Shot Guns
    3 Hardened Vets w/Melta Guns
    Vet Sgt w/Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon
    Heavy Support

    Basilisk w/Indirect Fire-125pts
    Basilisk w/Indirect Fire-125pts
    Leman Russ Battle Tank w/Hull mounted Heavy Bolter-145pts


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    right only a few things to point out.

    1) split the vets into two squads and find some extra points for the weapons, this is better than one large unit. you would need to drop a doctrine for this. i suggest iron discipline see point 3.
    2) the russ is the sole tank in LOS it will die so either drop it or get a second russ, if dropped perhaps bump up the rough riders squad size and get another squad.
    3) you have taken vet sarges and close order drill so there is no need for iron discipline they do not work in conjunction, either the vets go or the iron discipline.

    I cant comment on the witchhunters stuff as i dont know about them!

    hope that helps


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