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    my ideas for starting an 1850 SM army

    Ok just got an SM codex and this is what I was thinking for my first army at 1850.
    traits = blessed be the warriors / trust your battle brother
    drawback = eye to eye, death before dishonor
    ( not sure on the wording of trust your battle brother, sounds like you get both benifits for + 3 points per model, but to be safe I just took one and count it at + 3 points per model )

    HQ =
    Master - 131 points
    /w = lightning claws, melta bombs, frags, jump pack

    Troops =
    6 * Tactical ( 6 man ) - 159 points
    /w = frags, true grit, 1 lascannon
    Vet Ser. /w = power fist

    Fast Attack =
    2 * Assault ( 10 man ) - 285 points
    /w = frags, jump packs, furious charge
    Vet Ser. /w = power weapon

    Heavy Support =
    Devastator ( 7 man ) - 195
    /w = infiltrate, 4 * heavy bolter

    Total = 1850

    Any advice would be most welcomed. I like infantry armies and the master will either join an assault squad or protect the devastator squad. Also if you could tell me if I am doing the traits right that would be great.

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