Ok, I have a few models left over, and want to use them in an army. I have also seen some new models that I think would be cool to include, but I seem to be totally overshooting the 1500 limit by 2-300 points.

I have:

Barehead Chaplain on Foot w/ Bolt Pistol

4 Scouts w/ Sniper Rifles

10 Assault Marines (unmade)


I want to include some of the new "Veteran" models floating around, namely




(thought he would make a good Assault Squad sergeant)

and a pair of Dreadnoughts.

Paint wise, the chapter will be either Marines Malevolent or Sons of Gulliman.

Can you guys help recommend any way to include the things I would like to into a 1500 army?

It's like my Veteran squad in a Rhino (to use some of the new models), that came to 320-ish points! And I only had 10 Tactical marines, in 2 units of 5 with Missile. I've got to be doing SOMETHING wrong...

Please, can anyone help me?