Ok, so I've been trying to figure out what I want to field in terms of my deathwing. I've already decided on a core 1500 points, it's what to add to it at 1750 and above that I'm unsure about, so here's a potential list, let me know what you guys think about it.

Belial 130

Allied DH Inquisitor Lord 150
Terminator armour, 2 plasma gunner henchmen, 1 plasma cannon henchman.

Vindicare 110

Deathwing Assault Squad 290
4 LCs, 1 thunder Hammer, Cyclone launcher, Deathwing Banner, Apothecary.

Deathwing shooty squad A 250
Assault cannon + 1 chainfist

Deathwing shooty squad B 250
Assault cannon + 1 chainfist

Deathwing shooty squad C 245
Assault cannon

Fast Attack
RavenWing scouts 315
6 man unit, 2 meltaguns, powerfist, multimelta.

total cost: 1745

The basic tactics would be set up the lord and his sniper friend someplace for maximum effect, like the middle of the board, or something similar. Next set up the bikers. Everything else in reserve. Scout move the bikes forward to put the deathwing in range turn 1, but keep them behind cover (also split them up so the enemy can't just focus fire.) DW assault in 2 shooty squads on turn 1.

Then move the ravenwing up, the meltas go for tanks or monsters, the second sqaud attempts to enter close combat as soon as possible. Turn 2 hope the assault squad comes in, drop it about 2-3 inches from the close combat bike squad. (This may have to happen on turn 3, but if that's the case, so be it)

Also, a note on the Vindicare and DH lord. The basic idea for the sniper is that he takes pot shots at things that can pen termie armour, plasma guns, melta guns etc. The lord fires on anything with a 2+ save, or that's big and nasty. (I felt I was slightly lacking in the AP department, hence all the plasma guns, besides, I have to give him some DA flavour).

I apologize for the long write up, any criticism would be appreciated, as well as advice on using this list, or a list with a termie chaplain and Land Speeder (another 250 points of models that I have stashed away).