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    2000pt. Space Wolves Army List (friendly)

    The Bloodmaw-2004

    I have been playing with Space Wolves for about a year and i have found them to be very powerful. i have experimented with several different lists. i found that in the mechanized force the rhinos die very quickly and i just don't have fun with the drop pod force, so i have decided to go with the foot sloggers. This army performs well despite the fact that it is very small. i know that all the units are extremely expensive but i need them to be able to take on any unit and destroy it. the scouts by far are my favorite unit and are almost unstoppable, they have never failed me. I am open to ideas and would easily consider reconfiguring the list. so, what do you think?

    -Wolf Lord Alrik Bloodmaw:160 (joins the wolf guard retinue in Land Raider)
    Frost Blade
    Master crafted
    Terminator Armour
    Belt of Russ
    Wolf Tooth Necklace
    Runic Charm
    bolt pistol
    wolf pelt

    Venerable Dreadnought Futhark:155
    Assault cannon
    extra armor

    Wolf Guard Battle leader Skoll:100 Joins the scouts
    lightning claws
    master crafted
    wolf tooth necklace

    -Wolf Guard Retinue:290
    -lightning claws *3
    -master crafted *3
    -thunder hammer & storm shield
    -master crafted
    -Terminator armor *4
    -wolf tooth necklaces *4
    -Runic charms *4

    -Wolf Scout pack Torvald:
    -power swords *2
    -pack leader Torvald
    -power fist
    -wolf tooth necklace

    Heavy Support
    -Land Raider:255
    -extra armor

    -Long Fang pack Jarl:248
    -lascannons *2
    -plasma cannons *2
    -pack leader Jarl

    -extra armor

    -Grey Hunter Pack Volkar:248
    -power weapons *2
    -power fist
    -Pack leader Volkar
    -power fist
    -wolf tooth necklace

    -Blood Claw Pack Kurgan:206
    -power weapons *2
    -power fist
    -Pack Leader Kurgan
    -power weapon
    -wolf tooth necklace

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    That's a bit of an irritating list format. Could you please add pack numbers?

    That's a small army in 2k indeed. But if it works for you it works. I do see a few illegal things.
    1. A Wold Guard Battle Leader cannot join the Wolf Scouts when they infiltrate or OBEL, that's only for Wolf Guard Leaders.
    2. You're giving the grey hunters and blood claws 3 power weapons/fists. Grey hunters cannot do that, Blood Claws only if they numbers more than 10 models.

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