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    BT 1500 with 2 choices

    I am about to go and finish up my BT army, but I need opinions on which one to get first :yes: Suggestion and opinion please.

    This is my list:

    Marshal w/ Terminator Armour, 2x Lightning Claw [135]
    4x Terminator Command Squad w/ 2x Assault Cannons [200]
    Reclusiarch w/ Bolt Pistol, Holy Orb of Antioch [106]
    Emperor's Champion w/ Accept Any Challenge [140]

    10x Initiates + 4x Neophyte w/ Powerfist, Meltagun, CC wpn [225]
    10x Initiates + 4x Neophyte w/ Powerfist, Meltagun, CC wpn [225]
    6x Initiates w/ Lascannon, Plasma, all Bolters [117]
    6x Initiates w/ Lascannon, Plasma, all Bolters [117]

    Total: 1265

    Choice (a)
    2x Dreadnoughts w/ Smoke, Extra Armour [226]
    Total: 1491


    Choice (b)
    1x Dreadnought w/ Smoke, Extra Armour [113]
    1x Vindicator w/ Machine Spirit [155]
    Deduct 1 Initiate from each of the CC wpn Troop squad [-32]
    Total: 1501

    Any other suggestions would be most appreciated.

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    After much thought and debate, I would go with the 2 dreads. The reasons are basically 2-fold:

    I wouldn't want to lose another guy out of the 14-man crusader squads unless you absolutely had to. I find 14 to be the minimum that I like to use. I don't think that you'll need more dedicated heavy infantry killing considering the 2 assault cannons you have in the HQ squad. Furthermore, you're still 1 point over in the list with the vindi. 2 dreads means that one of them will probably make it, and cause some damage up close, and will also provide some cover to the foot-slogging squads marching up the board. They both can shoot like mad, and cause general havoc with their ACs.

    Personally, I also like symmetry in my lists, so the 2 dreads are an obvious choice. Fluff-wise, I think it makes more sense, seeing as you have neophytes, initiates, terminators, and dreadnoughts in the list (all ranges of BTs), so it's kind of an infantry heavy list.

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