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    [1500] Space Marine Firepower

    This is a static firepower list. It's meant to have lots of infantry and few vehicles. A friend and I were thinking about it over lunch recently.

    Chaplin + Jump Pack + Bolt Pistol (106)

    10 Marines + Vet + Power Fist + Melta gun (190)
    10 Marines + Vet + Power Fist + Melta gun (190)
    8 Marines + Vet + Power Fist + Las cannon (165)

    Heavy Support
    10 Marines + 4 Heavy Bolters + Vet + Power fist (240)
    Whirlwind (85)

    Fast Attack
    8 Marines + Vet + Power fist + 2 Plasma pistols (201)
    2 Land Speeder Tornados (160)
    2 Land Speeder Tornados (160)

    TOTAL 1500

    I wanted a Master in the list to boost everyones Ld. I also wanted more ranged anti tank, i.e. more lascannons. The tactical squads were meant to sit on the flanks of the dev squad and remain static as well (at least until needed to move). The assault squad and chaplin are meant to sit beside the dev squad and counter assault anything that assaults/ comes close to the front line. I planned on having 2 min/ max squads of tactical squads with lascannons, but I thought that would be beardy/ lame. The Land Speeders would go down one flank/ take care of anything I didn't like the look of. I think the list is about 60% of what it could potentially be.

    Comments and critisism welcome

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    Tau Empire 1750 points
    Tyranids 1500 points

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    You only long-range anti-armor is a single lascannon, which would worry me. Of course the landspeeders can take out armor quite capably, but at 24" range it is certainly not long range. Of course you have 2 melta guns, but the tanks have to come to you to use them...

    Up against MEQ's I think this list will have a tough time. I don't see it as being "shooty" enough...You could take the Vet Sgt and PF away from the devs and add some more long range weapons to the tactical squads, maybe Missile launchers, Plasma cannon, or whatnot... That is not quite enough points for two plasma cannons or two lascannons, but if you wanted you could find those points...
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    If you're looking to have a static gun line the vets with powerfists and the melta guns are kind of useless. The fists won't see any use at all unless someone assaults you, and the melta guns are going to require that your opponent walks up to you. Dropping a vet and powerfist frees up 30 points per Tac Squad, and another 30 from the Dev squad. That makes 120 extra points for you to play around with. I would also reccomend changing the melta guns to something with more range.

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