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    1250 is this lame?

    i have been using all drop pods as of late and have gotten creamed by melee armies. so... i am giving up on the fear of darkness and going to try this. IS THIS LAME list.

    ~all units in drop pods.
    ~epistolary command squad w/8 marines, 2 have plasma guns and a second attatched epistolary
    the 1st epistolary has storm of the emporers wrath, bolt bistol and veil of time.
    the 2nd epistolary has storm of the emperors wrath, bolt pistol and might of heros.
    ~dread w/ extra armor and smoke
    ~5 termis w/ 2 AC.
    ~2 squads of 10 marines, each w/ vet sgt w/ powerfist, and meltagun armed marine.
    1250pts exactly.

    i drop pod in. hopefully my dual librarian unit lands near the enemy so that they can both hit w/ the storm power. this will allow 2 blast and 4 rapid fire plasma rifle shots. i am probably facing necron though i might also face grey knights. either way i just hope that both librarians make it to melee and get to use the second set of powers. one libi pumps the other libi up with might of heros, he then casts veil of time on himself and begins to kill as fast as possible in the cc round.

    My warriors, trained in the fires of battle, plunged into their welling blood as into a river. I filled the plain with the corpses of their warriors like herbage. In their terror they fled passing scalding urin and voiding excrement in their wake.

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    your attempting to win a game with 2 tooled up HQ's. For marines this is usually a bad idea. Drop Pods armys can have a tough time vs fast moving melee armies.The fact that pods usually come in piece meal could get your squads eaten up as they arrive. The key is your placement of the pods. Dont drop too close to there main force. Try to choose a weak flank for deployment. Be conservative if your reserve rolls arent being kind to you. If needed deploy well away from the enemy and hide behind your pods till your main forces land.

    Personally i think its about practice and playing your pod army vs melee opponents to get experiance before you attempt doing things as drastic as this.

    other suggestions.
    Get that dread a heavy flamer.assault cannon setup.

    reconsider using termies in 1250. i would go with 8 man pod teams and see how many points allow. you might be able to squeeze in 4 squads. The hidden power fists should do the trick.

    take the trait cleans and purify to give each squad 2 special weapons ( well worth it).
    take 2 squads of plasma and 2 of meltas.

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