I am almost finished making my 2000 point Space Marine army. I was wondering what everyone thought of my list. The traits are pretty much for fluff. THis is supposed to be a balanced take all comers list. Does anyone have any suggestions on possible improvements? Thanks.

Space Marine Chapter Swords of the Emperor

Traits- Courageous- Trust Your Battle Brothers (TYB Fierce- Blessed be the Warriors
Disadvantage (major)- Aspire to Glory Disadvantage (minor)- We Stand Alone


HQ Chaplain (REC) w/ Bolt Pistol, Term Honors, Frags, Jump Pack 122

EL Assault SQ (10) Furious Charge, 2xPlasma P, Vet w/ Power Fist 290

EL Termies (5) 2x Assault Cannons, Drop Pod 270

EL VET SQ (6) Tank Hunters, LAS Cannon, Plasma Gun 133

TR TAC SQ (10) TYBB, Frags, Melta Gun, Vet w/ Power Fist 230

TR TAC SQ (10) TYBB, Frags, Melta Gun, Vet w/ Power Fist 230

TR Scout SQ ( Missile Launcher 114

3xFA 3x Land Speeder Tornado (Heavy Bolter /Assault Cannon) 240

2xHS 2x Whirlwind 170

HS DEV SQ ( 4x Missile Launcher 200
1999 points

One thing I thought about doing was dropping the Drop Pod and give the Vets telport homers and the Termy SGT a combi-Plasma gun or making the Scout SGT a Vet with a Telport Homer. I also thought about having the 2 TAC squads in Dop Pods, but I dont know if I would have enough of a force on the table at the start. (opinions?)