ive recently started a dark angels army using the new codex but i dont really like the codex so i was thinking i would design a DA list using the SM codex but i am unsure of points as i have not been able to buy the SM codex yet i have a rough idea of what i want in my army but no idea of what the points will be so if you could please advise me on points that would be great

Traits: are their any that make my army stuborn if there is id like to take it

HQ:-Librarian in terminator armour with storm bolter and phycic hood
Command Squad of 5 Terminators with Storm Bolters And power Fists

Troops:-Tactical Squad with 10 marines vet Sgt Power Fist and Melta Gun
-Tactical Squad with 10 marines Including Sgt with Plasma Gun
-Scout Squad 9 Scouts with BP and CCW Vt sgt if they can take one with Power fist other wise all 10 scouts with BP and CCW

Heavy Support:-Devestator Squad 5 marines 2 with las-Cannon and 2 with missile launcher

id like to include a Predetor Destructor in there some where as i have it from my DA codex army