Traits, honor your wargear, never despair, aspire to glory
1k (1.5K)
HQ: master, bolter(mastercrafted, just let me do this please), power wepon, arty armor, auspex, krak and frags (just to make it 1.5k)

Elite: (2X) 7 man dev squad, 4 lascannons , 7 man squad, 4 Heavy bolters all have tank hunters
2x 10 tac squad, melta

Heavy Support: pred destruct w/ extra armor, smoke launchers (land raider extra armor, smoke launchers )

basicly i shoot. ALOT ive tried it on vassal and won a few games, against the tau. Um the land raider is there transport my heavy bolter squad and the comander from A to B, and to soak up attacks from the enemys.

what do you guys think i should do, or did good?