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    1500 Black Templar List (Friendly/Competitive)

    Here is an early attempt of mine at a 1500pt. BT army:

    HQ- 369 points
    Reclusiarch - 97 pts
    - Crozius, BP, Frags
    - Attached to Crusader squad 2
    Reclusiarch - 132 pts
    - Crozius, BP, Frags, Jump Pack, T. Hon
    - Attached to Assault Squad
    Emperor's Champion - 140 pts
    - Accept any Challenge, No Matter the Odds
    - Attached to Crusader squad 1

    Elites- 140 points
    Dreadnought - 140 pts
    - TLLC, ML, Extra Armor

    Troops- 838 points
    Crusader Squad 1 - 604
    10 Initiates, 4 Neophytes, PF, Melta, Frags (239 pts)
    - Mounted in Land Raider Crusader (265 pts)
    Crusader Squad 2 - 239
    10 Initiates, 4 Neophytes, PF, Melta, Frags

    Fast Attack - 245 points
    Assault Squad - 245
    10 Marines, PF, 2 Plasma Pistols

    1497 points, 43 models, 5 scoring units

    Any help is more than welcome.

    Imperator Custodit!

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    Overall, I really like the list, and have very little to say about it.

    My only list suggestion would be to seriously consider if the LRC is good enough in a game of 1500 points to warrant 1/7 of your points. It is tough to take down, but it is really your only vehicle on the board (the dread doesn't really count). Do you think that it can withstand 3 railguns shots per turn and not explode (I run 3 in my tau 1500 pt list)?

    Also, while frags are good, they are something I usually don't put in the list unless I have points left over. As it stands with you, all of those frags could get you a few more neophytes. Meltabombs are worth it, but frags... eh.

    Anyway, good list. I just would seriously consider the LRC. Dropping it gives you 250 points to play around with (3 tornados, or another squad of BTs, or a bike squad, or anothe squad of 10 jump infantry, etc.). Just my two cents.

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