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    13th Khador "Ice Fangs"

    This is my new Guard list (recent convert from the Dark Power.) My army is based on a mixture of Khador. Soviet and Imperial fluff/history and Khador color schemes. (For those who don't know, Khador is a faction from Warmachine, another table top game.) It is designed to be a high tournament army and it is pretty unusual. Lemme know what you think as I post all my army lists here just for braoder feedback.

    Doctrines: Close Order Drill, Veterans

    Ice Fangs Command Platoon
    Sotnik Sorscha Kratikoff Junior Officer w/ CCW LasPistol
    1 Mortar Team, 1 Standard Bearer, 1 Regular Trooper = 63 pts

    Ice Fangs Veteran Squads 1 & 2
    6 Veterans w/ 3 Plasma Guns = 83 pts
    6 Veterans w/ 3 Melta Guns = 83 pts

    Ice Fangs 1st Platoon
    Junior Officer Desyatnik Vladamir CCW LasPistol
    1 Mortar, 2 Regular Troopers

    3 Squads w/ Lascannons and Vet. Sarge = 325 pts

    Ice Fangs 2nd & 3rd Platoons
    Junior Officers Desyatnik Nicoli & Desyatnik Alik CCW LasPistol
    1 Mortar each, 2 Regular Troopers

    3 Squads per Platoon w/ 1 Mortar, P)lasma Gun and Vet. Sarge each = 308 pts per Platoon

    Frozen Iron & Ice Breaker
    Leman Russ Demolisher w/ 1x HB, Extra Armor, Rough Terrain Modification = 165 pts per

    My first priority was Ld base. I've seen alot of Guard armies rely on Officers but those can be taken out by alot of things. I went with Close Order Drill and Vet. Sarges. That's Ld 9 for my basic squads and Ld 8 for the rest.

    The squads have Mortars and Plasma Guns. I love Mortars and they help me A. take swarm armies B. force pinning tests on aggressive or problematic units. The Plasma Guns are there so if I need to start taking ground or if a strong unit/model gets through I can unleash a more meaningful volley at it.

    The Hardened Veterans act as small objective capturers or small firebase squads. They're expendable but can bring some hurt if they're ignored.

    The Demolishers create No Go areas and break up assault units and armor. They can also go after objectives because of the very good front and side armor.

    Basically I'd deploy this army on either side but close enough to support each other if someone tries to crush one and roll onto the other. The Lascannon squad would be sprinkled late in Deployment to face off against transports and big gribblies. The Demolishers can go wherever I need flank whise. The Veterans can get up close and harry or stay back and pump shots. The Conscripts deploy late as possible and go where it looks like the assaults will happen.

    Any thoughts? I tried to explain the usual questions I get asked first. :]

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    Since both of us have lists with no replies, I figured i'd make some comments on yours with the hopes that you would do likewise to mine...

    Overall I like the idea of the army.
    My biggest concern would be that you only have 6 mortars and 3 lascannons plus the long range demolisher guns in a static shooty setup... the rest of your army is 24" range or less...
    Having just started playing IG I prolly don't have the best gauge of if this is enough range support, that said I would still hate to be faced off against something like a speed freaks or gaunt list with only a handful of chances of stopping something before it's all up in ya.... or worse yet a firewarrior heavy tau player supported by a few hammerheads could out gun you all day....

    Like I said looks like a solid list however you man wanna rethink your range issue.... consider a bassi or maybe a heavy weapons platoon with sharpshooters, since you have doctrines to burn... just some ideas

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