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    Junior Member Theblackprince's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
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    first tourny army list

    Hey guys I'm heading to my first tourny this june and wanted some feed back on my army list.

    1850 pts

    HQ Heroic Sen Off, Power weapon, master vox camoline, lascannon 115

    Anti Tank squad. camoline, sharpshooter, lascannons 130

    Anti tank Squad, camoline, sharpshooter, Missile launchers 115


    Jr officer, vox, bolt pistol, power weapon, camoline lascannon 86

    Squad one, vox, G-launcher, camoline, heavy bolter. 81

    squad two same 81

    Troops two

    Jr officer, vox, bolt pistol, power weapon, camoline lascannon 86

    Squad one, vox, G-launcher, camoline, heavy bolter. 81

    squad two same 81

    Squad three same 81

    Fast Attack

    Hellhound 115
    Hellhound 115


    Storm Troopers 9 man squad two meltas 110
    Storm Troopers 9 man squad two plasma guns 110

    Heavy support

    Baslisk, indirect fire 125
    Leman Russ, Lascannon, Heavy bolters 165
    Leman Russ, Lascannon, Heavy Bolters 165

    Total 1842

    Any suggestions? major flaws?

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    Senior Member billybobithyjo's Avatar
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    First, make the Heroic senior officer a JO w/ Honorific. second, if i was the opponate i would target your officers, for they have no way to protect themselves ( carpace saves live )

    The ST's w/ Melta's will have a tough time getting to the enemy without transport.

    Um.......voxes? your going to be taking leadership tests.

    Happy things-

    I like the Leman's, good support (Y)

    Also the basilisk is good

    I like the body count :yes:

    Good luck at the tourny

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    Junior Member simoncook's Avatar
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    FIrst off, Change HSO into a JO with Honorific as said above. Don't bother with Caprace, if your command squads are in positions to be shot at then they are too far forward.

    Second you could probably drop the vox's as you have enough officers around to produce a decent Ld bubble. This should free up some points to maybe put a banner into your main command squad to get Ld re-rolls. (Place this guy in the middle of your infantry line to get best results)

    Third drop the lascannons on your Leman Russ'. You won't use them and you have enough anti tank. Use heavy bolters.

    Four. Using the points saved from the above, you should have enough spare to give your stormies with Melta guns the deepstrike option. This will increase thier tactical flexability so they can do a bit of tank hunting or heavy infantry killing.

    Thats pretty much all I would change, nothing too drastic. I think its quite a good list. Hope this helped and gl

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    Mr Commisar to you Commisarlestat's Avatar
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    332 (x8)

    Righty lets have a gander....

    1) HSO --> JO with honorifica
    2) drop the lascannon and get a mortar, use the spare points to get a standard
    3) drop the sharpshooters.
    4) the missile squad isnt needed so can be dropped, a squad with autocannons could add to your force, again it needs to drop the sharpshooters.
    5) points saved if you do all of the above (that is get autocans istead of missiles) 29pts, (that is if you buy the standard aswell)

    1) lascannon in command is a big no dont do it it is bad. mortar or missile or autocannon perhaps a heavy bolter but never a lascannon. drop this to a heavy bolter and stick the lascannon in a line squad.
    2) the line squad that gets the lascannon drops its special weapon.
    3) second platoon is far too similar to the first, by that point in your list all bases are covered. so go for a missile in a squad, an autocannon in another squad and the third as a heavy bolter, the platoon command can drop to a mortar and hide for an LD boost, also buy iron discipline at some point for this list.
    4) points saving: 13pts 42 overall

    Fast Attack,
    1) fine but extra armour may help if you have spare points.

    1) how are you going to use these?? they have no way of getting to the enemy.
    2) drop both squads down to five men and buy them the drop skill.
    3) points saving 70pts overall 112pts

    Heavy support,
    1) heavy bolters cna be a better option thouh lascannons are fine, just emember not to attack any tanks, that single lascannon will be of no use. If ther is a hull lascannon it just makes killing marines or termies easier thats all. If you can do change it but dont worry too much
    2) heavy support is fine otherwise!

    points saved overall plus unspent is 120 points.

    that is a lot, you could get another hellhound, another drop stormie squad and then some spare. I suggest a drop vet squad with three meltas (this will mean getting doctrines so you can use drop troops) then i suggest buying iron discipline for all of your officers. next a second LD bubble could be good so chnage your main officer back to an HSO then gie the platoon command with mortar the honorifica. you cna drop the voxes from the commands aswell. So overall thats is saving an extra 10 points and spending 120. the last ten points can buy extra rmour for both of your hellhounds.

    hope that helps
    good luck!


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