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    107th death korp of krieg heavy armor reg.

    107th Death Korp of Krieg Heavy Armored Reg.

    Fluff- the 107th Heavy Armor Reg. was formed from a mechanized inf. Reg., the 107th Mechanized Assault. After this was devastated in the siege of Aldus it was rebuilt as an armored reg. It is used to spearhead assaults before the infantry advance. Its formation is unique, as it is built to operate independently for years at a time. As such, it maintains its own mechanized infantry companies and artillery.

    Army list.
    Doctrines- side skirts, crush and grind, ace gunners, forge crafted, vanquisher

    Command tank- vanquisher w/ heavy bolter sponsons, hull mounted lascannon, side skirts, crush and grind, ace gunners, forge crafted, HK missle, camo, rough terrain, pintal heavy stubber, track guards, extra armor 423pts


    Storm troopers w/ greanade launcher, flamer, vox, vet sgt. w/ power sword 129pts w/ chimera

    Chimera w/ multi-laser, heavy bolter, side skirts, crush and grind, camo, HK missal, rough terrain 136pts


    Leman Russ w/ lascannon, heavy bolter sponsons, camo, HK missal, side skirts, crush and grind, ace gunners, forge crafted, rough terrain 251pts

    Leman Russ w/ lascannon, heavy bolter sponsons, camo, HK missal, side skirts, crush and grind, ace gunners, forge crafted, rough terrain 251pts

    Fast attack

    Armored fists w/ plasma gun, aoutocannon, vox 90pts
    Chimera w/ multi-laser, heavy flamer, HK missal, camo, side skirts, crush and grind, ace gunners, forge crafted 161pts

    3 sentinals w/ heavy flamer, multilaser, autocannons, 2 HK missals 165pts


    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Mr Commisar to you Commisarlestat's Avatar
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    you have overspent on many bits of this list,

    eg, an average russ in a normal guard army would be 170 ish in an armoured reg id say around 190 woudl be ok. you are 60 points over that.

    1) drop alllll hunter killers they are rubbish and put the price of your tanks through the roof, the sentinels dont need them either a hunter killer on a heavy flamer sent isnt the best of ideas.
    2) drop all camo for now, if you think you might need it add it in as an afterthought if you have spare points (you are 6 over so you dont have the spare points)
    3) 423 points on one tank is absolutely crippling drop most of the stuff on it especially the pintle stubber.
    4) drop the voxes who are they voxing???
    5) flamer on stormies isnt a great idea, because of their BS skill get a plasma. dropt he power sword too, you shoudlnt be in a position to use it, you want to be outside of combat so your tansk can work their magic.
    6) crush and grind on a chimera? cant really remeber what it doesnt but this is a transport not a tank.
    7) drop the rough terrain mods, there is no reason for them you dont exactly have lots of vehicles and you shouldnt be driving through cover.
    your chimeras are really overpriced and they dont have the staples of smokes and extra armour, get them first.

    basically you have been to generous wiht the doctrines, 1 or 2 per tank is aok but that many is obscene and will get you a losing record. You need ot cut loads out of this list.

    hope that helps


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    Librarian from Hell Andusciassus's Avatar
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    Lestat said what I would say really, very expensive tanks and silent voxes is not the best of ideas.
    I'd say you suffer from "CSM-armoury-syndrome", you are seduced by how good you can make each individual so you forget the army should work as one.
    If you buld a house using only five of the best nails in the world it will fall apart.
    A quick calculation tells me you could shave at least fourhundred (400!!) points without losing a single unit or tank.
    The question is if those would be better spent on more tanks. The answer is yes.

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