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    Space wolves need a little tweaking before the tournament

    -Wolf Guard Battle Leader – Frost Ax, Boltpistol, Belt of Russ (4+Wd), (+1counter attack), runic Armor
    Rune Priest
    – Frost Ax, Boltpistol wolf pelt(+1counter attack), Terminator Armor, chooser of the slain (anti infiltrator), Storm shield 4+WD in combat
    Venerable Dreadnought
    - Asault cannon; extra armor, smoke
    - TLLC, Missile Launcher, Extra Armor
    Scouts x5
    - 2xPlasma pistol, 1x meltagun, Melta Bombs, 2x Pw Wpn (CC + bolt pistols)
    Blood Claws Bike Squad x6
    - 2x PF, Melta gun
    - TROOPS
    Grey Hunter Squad x10
    – Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, PF, PWpn (Bolters and CCW)
    Rhino with extra armor and Smoke
    Blood Claws Pack x13 (RP)
    – Melta Gun, PFx3, (CC + BoltPistols + frag grenades)
    Blood Claws Pack x9 (WGBL)
    – Melta Gun, PFx2, (CC + BoltPistols + frag grenades)
    Rhino with extra armor and Smoke
    Predator extra armor Lascannon, HVYBolter Sponsons

    I've played a bit with this list, and do fairly well against my opponent (space marines) I'm still learning the game so I expect to be beaten quite a bit inthe future. The only problem is my bikers, I don't think I know how to use them properly. Maybe I'm deploying them wrong, or maybe I just can't make a 3+invulnerable save, but they always die first. They seem kind of expensive to me to be just running them on suicide missions or as interference, what should I do with them or what should I replace them with?
    I was thinking of adding a wolf guard to my scouts with power fist and maybe a razorback with 6 grey hunters as a small shooter squad.
    what do you think?

    I have to play a really good eldar player next week (and will get drubbed) so if you have suggestions on deployment or tactics for that - I'd appreciate it.

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    Are you running the bikes from cover to cover or are you zipping them out into the middle and depending on the Turbo Boost inv. save to keep them safe?

    Also, do you find that the Blood Claws' meltaguns do much. I am just getting into Space Wolves and it seems that the BC's job is to get into close combat, not shoot. If you do well with them please let me know and I will try it out in my own lists.

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