Hi everyone,
Nice to meet u all. I've played 40K for a while. This is my first army list post. Please take a look.

Traits: Take the fight to them, Honour your war gear
Eye to eye, Faithful unto death

HQ: Master of sanctity: Termi-Amr, Storm bolter, Furious Charge, CA & R (12
Cmdr Sqd TermintorX5: Lgt ClawX3, Thr HammerX2, Furious Charge (215)

Master: Termi-Hr, Master Power Weapon, Pistol, Iron Halo, Infiltrate (149)
Cmdr Sqd Sgt: Termi-Hr, Pistol, Power fist, Infiltrate (49)
Cmdr SqdX8: Pistol&CCW, meltagun, Infiltrate (154)

Troop: Scout X5: MLX1, SniperX4, infiltrate (95)
Scout Sgt: Termi-Hr, Power Wpn, pistol, infiltrate (36)
Scout SqdX6: ShotgunX2, pistol&CCW, infiltrate, Teleport homer(83)

Fast Atk: LST Raven: AC, Heavy Bolter (80)
LST Eagle: Heavy Bolter(50)

Hvy Support: Dvs SqdX7: MLx4, Bolter, Tank Hunter (206)
Predator Anni: TL LascaCn, Side LascaCn(145)

Elite: Dreadnought: Cbt Arm w/ Storm Bolter, AC, Smk Ln, Extra Amr (113)

Infantry 45 Vechicle 4

Tactics: All out assult, then Dvs sqd, predator, scout provide fire support.
Assult scout also meat shield for incoming Terminator.

Only concern is the function of dreadnought. I put it in becasue I have the point left over. But I really not sure it's objective in the whole battle plan. Please advice.