1500pts City Fight Guard - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pts City Fight Guard

    Command Squad
    Light Infantry, Camoline
    Power Weapon, Frag Grenades, Melta Bombs, Iron Dicipline

    1 Veteran
    Medic, Frags

    3 Guardsmen
    2 Meltas, 1 Flamer, Frags

    Power Fist

    Sentinel Squad
    3 Lascannons

    Platoon Command
    Power Weapon, Melta Bombs, 2 Flamers, Camoline, Light infantry

    Squad 1
    Meltagun, Camoline, Light infantry

    Squad 2
    Meltagun, Camoline, Light infantry

    Squad 3
    Flamer, Camoline, Light infantry

    Platoon Command
    Power Weapon, Melta bombs, 2 Meltas, Light infantry, Camoline

    Squad 1
    Meltagun, Camoline, Light infantry

    Squad 2
    Meltagun, Camoline, Light infantry

    Squad 3
    Flamer, Camoline, Light infantry

    Extra Armour

    Heavy Flamer

    2 Sentinels
    Heavy Flamers

    Lascannon, 2 Plasma Cannons


    Doctrines Taken are;
    Light Infantry
    Iron Discipline
    Storm Troopers
    Ratling Squads

    Let me know what you think

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    One wonders why you have wasted one of your valuable Doctrines? You have taken the Ratling Squads doctrine, yet correct me if I'm wrong, but you have no Ratlings...just a thaught.

    Other that that, you have saturated your army with low AP weapons which will be rendered near useless due to the masses of high cover saves allowed by city fight boards.

    I would personaly change the HSO to a JO and take the Iron Discapline Doctrine instead of the none existant Ratlings, give ID to your other officers. And for god sake drop those damn power weapons, we are guardsmen, not exactly renouned for our martial prowess therfore we dont belong in close combat. Trade out some melta guns for flamers or if you realy want MEQ killers then plasma guns, but as said before not realy effective in city fight.

    Tanks are very vunerable in city fights so I would be hesitant to take anything other than a walker but thats up to you.
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    332 (x8)

    City fight you say ok il list what im looking for in your list.

    Close range high AP weapons.
    Lots of cheapness stuff like flamers and lost of squads.
    Camo is good so is infiltrating etc.

    What I hope not to see. lascannons anywhere, I cut many of these out of normal lists where there is only a little enough excuse to take them.
    tanks that are expensive, they need to be cheap as they are at a disdvantage and also try and get a couple of tnak upgrades on there (like the top armour thing)
    expensiveness anywhere (this is a general dislike)

    OK so thats

    1) fails on several accounts, firstly though it is a main HQ set up for CC. Just because its in a city doesnt mean the rules change. The main HQ should be a leadership node so drop the meltas frag grenades medic (the medic isnt even needed anway!) melta bombs and flamer. Also the powerfist.
    2) buy the HQ a standard and you're done. unless you want to give them a mortar and seen as its cityfight that might be n even better idea!
    3) firstly sentinel squadron with more than one sentinel, secondly they have lascannons (As said above I disgree with their use as is however...) this is cityfight there is no need for lascannons these should be dropped. infact this shoudl become a single sentinel squadron with a multilas sentinel. THe multilas will take care of marines in cover aswell as a plasma can, also they can take down walkers pretty easily. Due to the high amount of cover its crapy AP doesnt matter, the three shots is really good. When they get jumped they will suffer lots of hits so single squadron sents are needed far more in cityfight. As an aside on the lascannons you arent going to be facing much armour at all let alone anything worthy of massed lascannons.

    1) platoon command one needs to drop the melta bombs they are anti infantry so get the officer a stormbolter or powersword and bolt pistol something more shooty assault. Also give the two other guys int he squad laspistol and CCW to help them pack more punch. Iron discipline here aswell as int he main HQ. It is a really good and also cheap buy.
    2) meltaguns in squads arent a good idea even in cityfight. give the squad a heavy bolter and grenade launcher or if you are feeling adventurous close order hardened fighters and a flamer, then you could get a platoon of hard bitten CC city specialists, fun to mdel aswell!
    3) same answers for the second platoon. you need to get at least some heavy weapons in there, if you want the third squad to have one special weapon and nothing else consider remnants squads as they are very fluffy in cityfight and are also more points effective (theyd save around 30 points on the third squads in your platoons.
    4) At least one of the platoons (as said above) needs some heavy weapons, for this id recomend autocannons for skimmer work and top armour on tanks aswell as some hevay bolters for their massed shots.

    Fast Attack.
    1) this whole section seems ok. Im not so hot on the two sentinels in the same squadron but as they are cheap it could be good

    Heavy support.
    1) demolishers are great in seiges from the fluff etc but there are a couple of problems at least with your setup (I think they may get the top armour bonus for free though youll have to check on that one).
    2) the lascannon and the plasma cannons. These are low Ap high strenght expensive long range single shots. completely the wrong weapons. The dificulty is that in a normal game this is a good setup. What I suggest is that you change to at least a triple heavy bolter setup (TBH this is the cheapest method money wise as you can then use it in normal games as its a good setup for there aswell) or a hevay bolter and hevay flamer setup. Now on a cityfight board this would be a very good option though it would nt be good for a non cityfight board so youd have to be careful when deciding what to do. id suggets either option as they are both very cheap to do and woudl work better in your army.

    Sorry to rip it apart like that, basiclaly the army has a lot of potential its just a few of your choices, whilst fluffy arent that good game wise! Now if you do as i suggest you will realise your anti tank has been neutered! though you will also have loads of points. Now get some vets and give them a couple or three meltas, even a remnants squad with melta could work. id suggest going for a couple of fairly good ones. You have taken ratlings and stormies yet havnt taken either so i suggets taking iron discipline and vets in their sted. itd boost your LD and get your anti tank firepower in the right place.

    Hope that helps


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