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Thread: 1000 Gorillaz

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    1000 Gorillaz

    I'm back after a long absence and picking up where I left off... with this list i'm going for an infantry-oriented lil list...

    Light Inf
    Spec Weap Sqds


    Cmd Squad
    J.O. w/ Honorifica, Boltgun, Power Weapon; Mortar, Master-Vox

    Fire Support Squad
    Autocannons; Cameoline, Sharpshooters

    Special Weap Squad
    Meltaguns x 2, Demo Charge; Light Infantry

    Veteran Squad (5)
    Meltaguns x 3

    Veteran Squad (5)
    Meltaguns x 3


    Platoon 1 Cmd
    J.O. w/ Stormbolter; Meltagun

    Squad 1A
    Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher, Vox; Light Infantry, Cameoline

    Squad 1B
    Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Vox; Light Infantry, Cameoline


    Platoon 2 Cmd
    J.O. w/ Stormbolter; Meltagun

    Squad 2A
    Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher, Vox; Light Infantry, Cameoline

    Squad 2B
    Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Vox; Light Infantry, Cameoline

    998 Points

    What am I going for? Well, mostly urban fighting because thats what I like and what I play on most. Not necessarily Cityfight though. Anyway, I realize I have 10 Meltaguns and I'm starting to think it might be overkill... not like I'll see many tanks at 1000 points. But, meh.

    Command Squad is for sitting back with his Vox network and trying to pin enemy troops. Autocannons pound infantry or go skimmer-hunting... Demo charge squad is obviously kamikaze, to take out some big juicy target like someone's really expensive terminators or that tank or whichever. Vets run around doing the same (yes, I know they dont have Light Inf and so won't move through cover well but that's okay), tank hunting and catching power armour in the open and such. Platoon command squads I wasn't sure about. I wanted to give them a little more punch so I packed some Meltas in there for them to support their platoons. Troop loadout is mainly anti-infantry, the launchers are there to either throw Kraks at armour or Frags at troops (I really like their dual-role)... this is a partially fluffy list. I avoided plasma weapons, stuck with "lower tech" stuff. As for flamers, they might be an idea, but I play against a lot of Smurfs, particularly assaulty smurfs and evil smurfs, or sometimes Tau and Eldar. Occasionally an Ork. And on mainly urban terrain.

    So there's:

    77 troops; 10 Meltaguns; 4 Grenade Launchers; 3 Autocannons; 2 Heavy Bolters; 2 Missile Launchers; 1 Demo Charge

    Takka n' Wakka's Dakka Attacka! 33W / 6L / 1D

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    uh ya, way to many melta guns. Tanks will usually not fight in a city because it sucks for them. You might face 1 at 1000 points i suppose, so keep some anti tank, but what happens if you face a grot/gaunt/conscript etc swarm, o yay i get to instant kill the grot 4x over, 1 down 29 to go. I do like the 3 BS 4 melta guns in the veteran squads, but i would get rid of all the others in favor of grenade launchers since you dont want plasma, the perfect anti marine weapon.

    The autocannons need light infantry so they can place after deployment. This is important because once placed they dont like to move.

    Demo wont do crap to terminators, AP3, 2+save.

    The platoon commanders should take grenade laucnhers. If you get 4 in a squad than it becomes worth while to take sharpshooters.

    For fun and fluff try giving each hardened vet sgt a meltabomb, since you are trying to get within 6" for the melta anyways, and melta is assault class.

    While well equipped for it's roll, the master vox command squad is unneeded. You have 4 squads depending on it, but 3 ld bubbles to keep your troops in. Vox becomes usefull when you have armoured fist squads, or a lot of infantry squads for each platoon.

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