Hello everyone, I am just geting back into playing and started building my new army.
I've not played since 2nd ed so feel as if I am a new player because of all the rule changes. I just moved to a new town and stoped in at the local game store to see what everyone was playing. I walked into a big 40k tourny with over 20 players, so i rushed over to the displays and grabed up a ravenwing box set and the codex. Yesterday I picked up a squad of Termis and the Chap on a bike. I'm looking for any help on my list I can get. So please rip it apart

( I think I'll be playing mostly against Tau since only 6 of the players at the tourny were playing other armys )

Sammel on jetbike 205 pts

Chaplain 130 pts

Bike Squadron 5 bikes 305 Pts
2 Melta gun
Sergeant (1)
power weapon
Attack bike (1)

Bike Squadron 5 bikes 305 Pts
2 Flamer
Sergeant (1)
Power Fist
Attack bike (1)

Deathwing Squadron 4 Terminators 245 pts
1 Assault cannon
Power sword

Deathwing Squadron 4 Terminators 235 pts
1 Cyclone Missile launcher
4 Lightning Claws
1 Lightning Claws

Total: 1425