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    Newb. 13th Company 1,500

    Excuse me if I get the points totals wrong, local shop doesnt have the SW codex for sale so I'm working off some army designer software and PDF rules suppliments. I played a 13th company list a few days ago with my Tau and was BLOWN AWAY (not literally, I got charged before my first turn but I turned it around mid game and won a massacure) by the speed in this list. If theres one thing I can appreciate learning this game with Tau, its mobility. :yes:

    Wolf Lord (*Hrodulf the Cursed meby?)
    Mark of Wulfen
    Lightning Claw
    Belt of Russ
    Melta Bomb
    Frag Grenade

    8 Wulfen
    192 Points

    8 Wulfen
    192 Points

    6 Wulfen
    144 Points

    Fast Attack-
    14 Fenrisian Wolves
    140 Points

    14 Fenrisian Wolves
    140 Points

    5 Storm Claw Bikers
    Pack Leader
    -Wulfen Mark
    -Thunder Hammer
    Melta Gun
    Melta Gun
    260 Points

    Heavy Support-
    Long Fang Pack
    4x Missile Launchers
    206 Points

    I was kinda worried about taking such a small, expensive heavy support choise but I really needed some light/medium anti-tank capability and hopefully the wave of furry loonies will give my opponent something more pressing to shoot at. The conversion possibilities of a Wulfen Lord with powerclaws.. ^_^

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