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    Fluffy Doctrined IG 1000pts

    Hello guys (and gals maybe?)

    This army list is for quite competetive friendly games. The fluffy stuff for my army is in the army fluff section in the forums. It is called Karian Spectres. I am not too experienced with guard and im not sure about the dos and donts of them. without further adue(sp?) gentlemen (and ladies?) here it is.

    Die hards, light infantry, hardened fighters, iron discipline and cameleoline

    Colonel Zarn (HSO)
    w / All of the doctrines, Power fist and Laspistol
    retinue with 2 x flamer and 2 x ccw and lp

    S Platoon
    Infantry squad Hark
    w/ die hards, light infantry,hardened fighters and cameleoline
    and 2 x flamers (they are lovely)
    Veteran Sargeant Hark with a bolt pistol

    Infantry squad Thanus 60
    w/ die hards, light infantry,hardened fighters and cameleoline
    and Grenade launcher
    Vet sargeant Thanus with a bolter

    Lieutenant Sander (J officer)
    w/ all of the doctrines
    and 4 flamers

    F Platoon
    Infanry squad Garius
    w/ die hards, light infantry,hardened fighters and cameleoline
    and Plasmagun
    Veteran Sargeant Garius with Lasgun

    Infantry Squad Versul
    w/ die hards, light infantry,hardened fighters and cameleoline
    and meltagun
    Veteran sargeant Versul with meltabombs and ccw lp

    The Hiraki (J officer)*
    w/ all doctrines
    and Power weapoon for Bloodbrother (JO) and Krak grenades for all

    High Seer Ilindus (inq lord)
    w/ three mystics

    Lord of Shadows (vindicare assasin) 110

    1000 points i think

    Plan is infiltrate in cover and kill stuff. If the enemy has infiltrators then the High seer will deploy so as to minimise his control of the battlefield.

    Thanks for all the help!

    *This annoyed me somewhat, because i wanted to make them really good in combat maybe with an inquis lord with cc servitors or something but i needed to fill up the Force Org and i ran out of points... (

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    The Karian Spectres(Guard) Work in Progress

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    Okay first of all, you don't have a single heavy weapon... that means your army's max range is 24". I firmly believe that the Guard's strength lies in our heavy weapons - you can't rely on a single meltagun for anti-tank, even in 1000 point games.

    Your doctrines are making your trops WAY too expensive, especially considering they don't even have any weaponry that's worth protecting. I would drop hardened fighters alltogether - it is way too expensive and let's face it, Guard suck in combat no matter how many doctrines you give them. It's also a horrible combo with camo, because camo doesn't benefit you in combat. As for cameoline and light infantry... well, I would never take camo without the light infantry doctrine, because it's the only way to be sure you have enough cover to deploy in, but... It's making your troops really expensive. Keep it at your own peril.

    Also, the vindicare assasin is crap. Totally not worth his points, especially in a Guard army where we already excel in the long-range firepower.

    So water down your doctrines, and cram as many heavy weapons in as possible. Don't try to make a close combat guard army - and especially not an elitist close combat guard army. Maybe if you had wave upon wave of conscripts, but you can't upgrade the Guard into combat specialists - it just doesn't work.

    If you want a mobile, elite army that doesn't rely on heavy weapons as much, I would suggest Grenadiers and Veterans (with HW's), maybe some sentinels for extra heavy weapons. Camo is okay, but it is really only good for an army that is going to sit back, in cover, and shoot off heavy weapons. You can't wear camo, and then charge out of cover shooting flamers, it's not a wise use of equip[ment.
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