Master of Sanctity
Bolt Pistol , Crozius Arcanum, Auspex , Crusader Seals, Frag Grenades , Jump Pack, Krak Grenades , Rosarius, Teleport Homer, Terminator Honours
= 156 Points

Emperor's Champion
The Armour of Faith, The Black Sword, Terminator Honours, Crusader Seals, Frag Grenades, Bolt Pistol, Uphold the Honour of the Emperor
= 100 Points

Sword Brethren Terminator Squad
3 Terminators Storm Bolter, Power Fist
2 Terminators Assault Cannon, Power Fist
= 240 Points

Dreadnought Venerable, Missile Launcher, Assault Cannon, Extra Armour
= 140 Points

Crusader Squad
10 Initiates Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon
4 Neophtyes Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon
Land Raider Crusader, Smoke Launchers
= 472 Points

Crusader Squad
Initiate Plasma Cannon , Initiate Plasma Gun, 4 Initiates Bolter
Razorback Twin-linked Heavy Bolter, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers
= 200 Points

Black Templars Assault Squad
8 Initiates Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs, Close Combat Weapon, Frag Grenades, Jump Pack
= 192 Points

Assault Squad is joined by chaplain and closes with the Crusader squad in the raider with the EC. The rest of the army provides firepower, with the sword brethren Deep Striking in where needed