1850 RTT Beatdown Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Do you all see any weaknesses in this army list?

    Chapter Master
    Term Armor
    Light Claw, Thunder Hammer

    6 Marines
    Lascannon Plasma Sgt with Bolter

    6 Marines
    Lascannon, Plasma Sgt with Bolter

    6 Marines
    Lascannon, Plasma Sgt with Bolter

    6 Marines
    Missile, Plasma Sgt with Bolter

    5 Marines
    Missile, Flamer Sgt with Bolter

    10 Marines
    2 Meltas, Vet Sgt with P Fist W/Rhino

    3 Dreadnoughts w Ass cannons
    One is Venerable All have Extra Armor Smoke

    6 Terminators
    2 Ass Cannons

    LRC w/ Smoke

    This comes out to 1850 on the NOSE

    I am using Significant Divergence with the advantages
    Cleanse and Purify, Heed he Wisdom of ancient

    Using these to fit in the 3 dreds and the termis

    My disadvantages are Eye to Eye. We stand Alone

    I have a good firebase with the 6 wound lascanoons and the missile launchers, and i have some mobility with he LRC termis and the rhino

    Dum, dum dum dee dum... post merge! - The Drake

    Ohh i was figuring i could go up the gut of the army wih the Rhino screening the LRC sideways popping smoke, and the Dreds hiding behind the LRC

    Last edited by Katie Drake; June 18th, 2007 at 23:48.

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    Remember to post army lists in the army list section.

    Thread moved.

    Oh, and please, don't double post.

    Posts Merged.

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    I think you may find yourself horribly outclassed in assault if you firesupport doesn't go off properly. Many armies will out number you and MEQs can take dreads in CC (powerfists.) Your chapter master could stand to have better equipment than thunder hammer/lightning claw. This only gives you two options for CC (the light claw can't be used as a off-hand weapon for the thunder hammer and visa-versa.) I recommend ditching one for a gun and giving another dreadnaught venerable status, allowing it to survive to help in CC.

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