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    1500 Combat Teams List

    It may be because I am new to Space Marines, but from the fluff perspective I like the idea of tactical squads operating in full squads of ten or combat teams of five. So I built a list around that.

    Any comments and suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

    See But Don’t Be Seen, Cleanse and Purify

    Eye to Eye, Faithful Unto Death

    HQ 370
    Master -Terminator Armor -Stormbolter -Power Weapon

    Terminator Command Squad
    Sergeant and 4 Terminators -Chainfist -Cyclone Launcher

    -Assault Cannon

    Elites 163
    Venerable Dreadnaught -Extra Armor -Smoke -Drop Pod

    Troops 560
    Scout Squad

    Sergeant and 4 Scouts with Bolters -Heavy Bolter

    Scout Squad

    Tactical Squad

    Sergeant -Terminator Honors -Powerfist

    4 Marines -2 Meltaguns


    Tactical Squad

    Tactical Squad

    -2 Plasma Guns

    Fast Attack 244
    Assault Squad

    Sergeant and 5 Marines -Meltabombs

    Attack Bike Squadron

    2 Attack Bikes

    Heavy Support 163
    Vindicator -Extra Armor -Smoke -Power of the Machine Spirit

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    I don't think your list is quite clear. When you mention "scout squad" or "tac squad" then I'm assuming they all look the same (ie, 4 bolter/1 HB scouts, and PF Sgt/2 MG 5-man tac squads)? Except for the one with 2 plasma guns? Are any of them 10-man squads?

    I'm also not sure how you mean you're using the "combat teams" when you're putting more than one special or heavy weapon in a 5-man squad. The new rules from the DA/BA lists don't allow that. What was your intent?

    If you're wanting to prepare your army list for what most folks are presuming will come with the next revision of the basic SM codex, then you'll want to shape your list around the new DA rules. Take 10 man squads with either 2 special weapons (I'm assuming GW won't get rid of the traits system) or one heavy and one special weapon, that can be broken into 2 5-man units with no more than one special/heavy weapon in each.

    In other words, you can have a 10-man squad with 2 melta-guns and a Vet Sgt, but if you split them into combat squads, you have to put one of the melta-guns into each combat squad. Keep in mind that under the DA/BA rules, the vet sgt's leadership can only apply to the combat squad that he accompanies. Also, his equipment (in particular, the powerfist) becomes much more expensive.

    All this is assuming, of course, that GW goes the way it has in the past and assimilates chapter-codex rules into its basic SM codex when it comes due for a new revision. It could be that the DA/BA "combat squads" rules will remain unique to those chapters. Time will tell.
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