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    2500 DA all-around

    So, I thought about thinning down my DA stuff. I planned on getting an entire company, but I found it quite useless actually. Especially since I started up another Chaos army. So I got loads of DA models around here and made up a final armylist so I know what to get rid of.

    Librarian on bike
    150 pts

    Command Squad w/ 2 x Meltagun, Standard Bearer & Apothecary
    Transport: Razorback w/ Lascannons & Pintle mounted stormbolter
    390 pts

    2 x 10 Marines w/ Plasmagun & Lascannon. Vet sgt w/ Bolter.
    (2 x 200 pts) 400 pts

    Fast attack:
    Ravenwing assault squad: 6 bikes w/ 1 x meltagun. Sgt has Power weapon. Attackbike w/ heavy bolter & landspeeder
    395 pts

    Ravenwing supportsquad: 1 Landspeeder Typhoon
    75 pts

    10 Assault marines; sgt has powerfist & bolt pistol
    260 pts

    Heavy support:
    Devastator squad; 5 marines w/ 4 M.launcher. Sgt w/ bolter
    170 pts

    2 xWhirlwind
    (2 x 85 pts)170 pts

    Scout squad; 5 scouts w/ 4 sniperrifles. sgt. has bolter
    100 pts

    Scout squad: 5 scouts w/ Close combat weapons Sgt. w/ powerfist & bolt pistol
    105 pts

    Terminator squad; w/ Assault cannon & 4 stormbolters
    245 pts

    Nothing extremly special or funky I guess. Any comments?

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    It looks fairly standard. Just a few points.

    To me, it looks like your trying to take a little of everything. This particular setup, especially with Dark Angels, does happen to work well. However, it does seem pretty bland.

    The Chaplain and his squad are going to stick out like a sore thumb with that Razorback, I hope you don't expect that to last long.

    Personally, I'd swap the Librarian's Bike for either Terminator Armour, so that it can get an invulnerable save, and make a great deepstriking hard hitter with Hellfire, OR, swap him for a Master, as most of these units look as if they will operate fairly independently. You'll want that leadership so that you can stick around.

    The two tactical squads look like its not enough. You seem, to me, to be lacking any real strength in numbers. This list will rely alot on proper cover or VERY skillful movement to work. Personally, I'd add a couple small tac squads that are designed for taking that first turn brunt of damage. Otherwise, stuff like your bikes and shooty combat squads will have a massive hurt put upon them.

    The assault marines look good, however, I'd want to give them some weapons, flamers most likely as their speed means they can get alot of wounds without much effort.

    The Bikes don't look bad. I'd take advantage of the Attack Bikes Melta situation as its nice to have a fast moving anti tank unit running around. And add another special weapon, its all or nothing on Bike squads, IMO.

    I strongly suggest Missile Launchers on the scouts squads, the option of having the missile on a small squad is huge with the new list. Take full advantage of that.

    The Terminators look bland, have a bit of fun with those.

    Personally, I'm not too fond of the new Whirlwinds, I'd go for some Predator Destructors with Heavy Bolters instead, as they can make great screens for your opponent, and are nice and cheap, thus making excellent walls.

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments about my post.

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