Righty, bit of background beforehand. I managed to get my friends ensnared in the 40k world, and being who they are, they said "hey, lets have a 3k pt. slugfest!" (no rules, just blow the crap out of each other). One has decided to be Orks, and he's the one I get to fight.

Here's the list I thought up. I wanted an army that would be extremely hard hitting, durable, and highly mobile. I think I found it. Also, no uber cheesiness (it's not, is it?). I'll include my idea for deployment afterwards:


Master Force Commander
Terminator Armor
Storm Bolter
Mastercrafted Power weapon
Terminator Command Squad (4)
Assault Cannon (2)
Land Raider transport
Extra Armor

Terminator Squad (5) x 3
Assault Cannon (2)
Land Raider transport x 3
Extra Armor
Heavy Support:

Whirlwind x 3
Extra Armor

Scout Squad (5) x 2
Sniper Rifle (4)
Missile Launcher (1)
Fast Attack:

Assault Squad (10) x 2
Flamer (2)
Krak grenades (10)
Total points cost: 3004

My deployment would start as follows; place the Whirlwinds abreast (one Castellan, two Vengeance), surrounded by everything else in such a way as to give as little line-of-sight as possible to the enemy (Assault squads may be placed in reserve, depending on the enemy layout). Assuming the enemy has assaulty/infiltrating troops, this prevents the Orks from getting to the Whirlwinds, which will be cutting large chunks in their ranks. If he doesn't have any, then I start with all troops in their transports, the whirlwinds placed so they're able to strike as many targets as possible (on the 4x6 board we're playing on, this won't be a problem), and the Land Raiders blocking line-of-sight to the Whirlwinds in front. From there, well, the dice gods decide that.

So, good idea, bad idea, am I completely nuts? Advice and criticism very much welcome, along with any other advice you think I might need.