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    Black Templar-1700-Death From Above

    Well here is my second attempt to a full drop podding Black Templar army... I know that templars are "supposed" to be infantry heavy but they seem like they would be alot scarier falloing form the sky, abeit, less powerfull than some marine armies with Librarians and the like... dang witches

    Anyhow here goes:

    Emperors Champion, Suffer not the Unclean to Live -----@125pts

    Chaplain, PF, HOoA, Bionics, Frags
    Command Squad 7 men, Sarge PF, MG, DROP POD ------@340pts

    Ven Dread, XA, HF, DROP POD-----------------------------@170pts

    Crusaders Squad
    7 Inis, 2 Neos, PF, MG,Frags DROP POD-------------------@196pts X 2
    Crusader Squad
    7 Inis, 2 Neos, PF, PG,Frags DROP POD-------------------@192pts X 2

    Fast Attack/
    8 Assault Initiates, PF, 2 Flamers, 2 Storm Shields ------@209pts

    1 Land Speeder Tornado------------------------------------@80pts


    - I can take out frags and add 2 more men to the assault squad

    - I don't own tactical terminators... so those are out of the question... untill I get some.
    - I dont own another dread.

    So what do you guys think... not bad?.. good, ok, how would it fare?...

    Note: The vow is not changing, I want to learn how to use it against many opponents... mainly IG and Eldar... so quite usefull... as well as Tau. and another templar player, but I have not faced him yet.. as we consider each other allies...

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    First, off, most times there are no right or wrong ways to play an army. I'd agree that Black Templar are likely designed with the idea of Footslogging it in mind, but they can play a Mech force effectively as well, (though imo a Codex: SM force does it better). Drop pod BT is another way to play them, however, I think its one of the weakest ways to play them. It negates one of the biggest things we have over other SM armies, our 20 man crusader squads. Also, since the Emperor's Champion cannont Drop Pod, your forcing him to walk alone across the battle field. Chalk him up as 125 free VP for your opponent.

    Personally for your list, I'd drop a drop pod Cruasader squad or 2 and put them in Rhino's. Stick the EC in one of them and drop pod everything else. Will help get the EC into CC with the drop pods coming down about the same time the Rhino's hit the enemy's line.

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    tried it and well it just dont work. your EC out open and with 2 wounds easy pickin for barrage weps even behind trees.

    i think you need to go 2 9 man squads.5 initiates, 4 neophytes. that way your chappy can join one and your EC joins the other. which brings me to next point the command squad is a waste of points. then just chuck in 2 rhinos as spector suggested.

    and the assault squad should be at 10 men not 8. drop the storm shields.

    overall good list but i don't think drop pod BTS work.
    Rhino rush how ever is alot of fun
    or just footslogging.

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