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    DA 2250 Combined Army and BF sets

    First post at LO, and have been combing the archives for assistance on weapons and units.....

    I am combining athe DA Army set (still unopened) and the BF. I want to add the minimum to get these into a 2250 army for RTT.

    Army purpose - as effective as possible without having to get more boxes (style will depend on final mix).


    Company Master (130)
    FG, KG, BP, TH

    Librarian (125)
    FG, KG, BP, FW, StormB, PH

    Command Squad (175)
    5 marines
    FG, KG, BP (5), PF, PW, PG (2)


    Tactical Squad A (195)
    5 marines
    FG, KG, BP (5), BG (3), PG, PW, MB
    SB, PM SB, Smoke

    Tactical Squad B (140)
    5 marines
    FG, KG, BP (4), PP, BG (3), PG, PW


    Scout Squad A (160)
    5 marines
    FG, KG, BP (4), Snipe (3), ML, PP, BG, MB

    Scout Squad B (85)
    5 marines
    FG, KG, BP (5), BG (5), MB

    Termies (225)
    5 marines
    StormB, CF, LClaws (pr), THSS, HvyFl

    Fast Attack

    Assault Squad (155)
    5 marines
    FG, KG, BP (5), CS (4), PF, MB

    Heavy Support

    Dev Squad A (205)
    5 marines
    FG, KG, BP (5), PC, ML (3), PF, MB

    Dev Squad B (95)
    5 marines
    FG, KG, BP (5), BG (5), MB

    Predator (150)
    TLLC, SponHB (2), PM StormB, Smoke, Extra Armor

    Total -- 2250

    As you can see, the duplicity of Scouts and Dev squads modeled as boxed may influence some inefficient utilization of points -- however, I can give specific tasks for the SB scouts and the SB dev squad to accomplish objectives and/or counter enemy strategy.

    Had the chance to go to Game Day Atlanta and Baltimore. Looking forward to getting DA and IG (my other army) into some RTT locally.

    I appreciate any comments. Previous posts in LO helped me understand some but you might be able to find logs in my eyes! One result from the logs...I had previously placed this in the wrong section. Thanks to Clone dude for bringing that to my attention.

    Daddy Tin

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    Hmmm , with all the acronyms , i can get most of what your arming your models with , but why all the krak grenades ? i dotn find that they are useful enough especially arming your entire army with them , your better off giving your sargeants and ic's with melta bombs .

    ok so lemme get to the individual problems =)

    HQ - It's usually un advised to take power fist / Thunder hammers on IC's due to I1 , but i usually take them , but i suggest just a power weapon /BP or PP combination .
    Libby - libby seems fine but why a SB ? hes better off with a bolt pistol or CCW , because your usually using magic .
    also for the command squad , id either drop it ok make it a 10 man squad , or just put libby with a group of termies .

    HQ overall - is ok , a few tweaking here and there . Use melta bombs on IC , remove krak .

    Troops - 2 5 man squads for a 2000 point army ? Thats a no no for marines . combine the dev squads with the tactical squads easy as that , 10 man , rhino , ea , sl , pf , pg and frags then your set =) .

    Elite - Combine scout squads so you get 3x SR , 1 ML and 6 BG . alot better , he has to kill 3 marines for a LD test , rather than 1.25 for both 5 man squads .

    Termies are good everywhere , but assault termies only do ggod in a LR or LRC .

    HS - drop dev squads and add to tactical

    Pred is fine .

    List needs some work , remember to have at least 30% spent on troop regardless of what army you play .

    What i wrote might of not made sense because its late , and i just came from a party XO .

    The 2000point list needs some work , but if you made a 1000 point army list or a 1500 , it would be pretty good . something like ( sorry i only have the reg sm codex so points will be off )

    Master - Power weapon , Plasma pistol , frag , melta bombs (t hounours ? )

    Troop - 10 man tac - PF , (thounours?) , PG , HB Rhino with ea and sl .


    10x scouts
    5x sr 1x ml 4x bg

    pred annihlateor
    Hb sponsons
    ea sl


    so basically , you have 2 squads meant for killing / holding objectives , hq as a distraction or harasser , scout cover fire / tank hunter and fire support / anti meq/ troop pred .

    ill help you out later but now its leeepy tihme

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