this list needs some help. my win loss record with smurfs is about 50% which i feel pretty good about due to the fact that everyone around here has played 10 years longer than i have. this list panders to the points in my army that have always fallen short. like commanders. whenever i have one it tends to do nothing. also... i have gotten mauled by tau every time i have played against them except one time and i was playing a nids army and i ripped it to pieces. ssssss.
anyways. i have tons of other figs so suggetions are appreciated.

Epistolary with fear of darkness, veil of time, Bp.
9 man Command squad w/ vet sgt w/ power fist and 2 melta armed marines.
drop pod.

5 termis w/ 2 AC.

dread w/ ac and storm bolter.

6 scouts w/ 4 sniper rifles and a HB.

6 man Tactical marine unit w/ plasma rifle and ML.

6 man Dev. squad w. 3 HB
Razorback w/ tl HB

Predator Annihilator w/ HB sponsons.
1249 pts. my plan is to set up somewhere i can hose the enemy with fire from. if i have to i will post my guys up in cover. then i wait for the librarian to drop into their rear and wreak havoc.
i know there is an unspoken rule against using only one or two drop pods but i have played with them a lot and they are the ONLY way to bring your libi onto the battlefield. if i had the points i would have the dread in one too but i dont have the points and i would rather it was there to attract attention etc. no fast attack but the libi stands in for this with his arrive from the sky death company. should i swith the drop pod marines meltas out for plasma rifles.? thanks.