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    1250 smurfs of death list.

    this list needs some help. my win loss record with smurfs is about 50% which i feel pretty good about due to the fact that everyone around here has played 10 years longer than i have. this list panders to the points in my army that have always fallen short. like commanders. whenever i have one it tends to do nothing. also... i have gotten mauled by tau every time i have played against them except one time and i was playing a nids army and i ripped it to pieces. ssssss.
    anyways. i have tons of other figs so suggetions are appreciated.

    Epistolary with fear of darkness, veil of time, Bp.
    9 man Command squad w/ vet sgt w/ power fist and 2 melta armed marines.
    drop pod.

    5 termis w/ 2 AC.

    dread w/ ac and storm bolter.

    6 scouts w/ 4 sniper rifles and a HB.

    6 man Tactical marine unit w/ plasma rifle and ML.

    6 man Dev. squad w. 3 HB
    Razorback w/ tl HB

    Predator Annihilator w/ HB sponsons.
    1249 pts. my plan is to set up somewhere i can hose the enemy with fire from. if i have to i will post my guys up in cover. then i wait for the librarian to drop into their rear and wreak havoc.
    i know there is an unspoken rule against using only one or two drop pods but i have played with them a lot and they are the ONLY way to bring your libi onto the battlefield. if i had the points i would have the dread in one too but i dont have the points and i would rather it was there to attract attention etc. no fast attack but the libi stands in for this with his arrive from the sky death company. should i swith the drop pod marines meltas out for plasma rifles.? thanks.

    My warriors, trained in the fires of battle, plunged into their welling blood as into a river. I filled the plain with the corpses of their warriors like herbage. In their terror they fled passing scalding urin and voiding excrement in their wake.

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    Don't switch the melta's to Plasma's. Their profile is different and you would end up preventing that command group from charging. Remember, you can't charge after firing rapid fire weapons, which plasma guns are.

    With the drop pods, it's all about good placement and a bit of luck. Remember that they can correct their decent to some extent and you can negate a serious part of the scatter.
    I played several times even with one drop pod, but dropped in such locations that in 50% of the cases i would end up right on the spot i intended. hid behind the pod on landing, because i knew i wouldn't make it in shooting, recieved some and in my subsequential turn went on to TOTALLY wipe out the squad i was after. I used a master with lightning claws, iron halo and frag grenades and honors. along with a full command squad with vet sarg with powerfist.

    What exactly is the problem with Tau? outgunned? outmaneuvered? against Tau a whirlwind tends to work well.

    I played a few games against Tau and i own a Tau army too. But then, my army is basicly differently organized. my HQ is a Chappie with assault marines.
    MvG, vindicator.

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