hi, this is my 1st post and all comments are welcome
i need to improve my army so i can beat some of my friends the army works but i have problems with it (mostly with a dark elder Witch Army and the Tyranids mighty horde)

Librarian Epistolary 155
W/ Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Veil of time, Storm of The Emperor's Wrath(2nd Power)

5 Terminator Command 235
W/ Assault Cannon, Furious Charge

Dreadnought 140
W/ Venerable, Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour

10 Space Marine 216
W/ Melta Gun, Trust Your Battle Brother
Sarg W/ Terminator Honours, Plasma Pistol, Frag Grenade

5 Space Marine 110
W/ Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher
Sarg W/ Terminator Honours

8 Sniper Scout Squad 144
W/Sniper RiflesX7
Sarg W/Sniper Rifle

Trust your battle Brother and Die Standing

Please be Brutally Honest
The Emperor Protects:yes: