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    1000pt Sob List, Friendly

    I've considered beginning a Witch Hunters army, more specifically, a Sisters of Battle army. Here's a draft 1000pt list I came up with, feedback would be appreciated.

    HQ - 66pts

    Palatine w/ Blessed Weapon & Bolt Pistol

    Troops - 554pts

    3 x [ 9 x Battle Sisters + Veteran Superior, w/ Heavy Flamer & Melta gun ]

    2 x [ Rhino Transports w/ Extra Armour & Smoke Launchers ]

    Elite - 208pts

    5 x celestians w/ Heavy Flamer & Melta gun, Veteran Superior w/ Eviscerator & Bolt pistol

    Immolator w/ Smoke Launchers & Extra Armour

    Fast Attack - 174pts

    5 X Seraphim w/ 1 x Hand Flamer, Veteran Superior w/ Eviscerator

    Total = 1002pts

    I'm looking for a way to drop the last 2 pts, if anyone has a suggestion then feel free to let me know...

    Also, I'm not upgrading to a canoness, for purely fluff reasons, I may do so when increasing to 1500pts and above, but I'll see.

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    If you want to get rid of 2 points drop a set of smoke launchers. I also think, dropping a unit of Sisters for an Exorcist wouldn't be a bad idea. An Exorcist for anti-tank would be good. Short range AT is hard to get into range.
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