1500 Space Marines - Tourny - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Space Marines - Tourny

    The traits i will be using is take the fight to them and hounor your wargear. The disadvantages i will be using are Eye to Eye and Die Standing.


    1 Chaplain (Jump Pack, Frag, B. Pistal, Honors) 137


    9 Marines (Plasma Gun x1) 145

    9 Marines CC & B. Pistal (Melta Gun x1, Frags) (SRGT power weapon, combat shield) 184


    8 Devastators (4 Missile Launchers, Tank hunter) 224

    8 Devastators (2 Plasma Cannon, 2 H. Bolter, Inflitrate) 244


    1 Predator (Smoke Launcher, X Armor, H. Bolter Sponsins) 139

    1 Whirlwind (Smoke Launcher) 88


    1 Landspeeder (H.Bolter Assault Cannon) 80

    10 Assault Marines (Plasma Pistal x2 SRGT, Power fist) 260

    Ok, that is my 1500 list i tried to balance it between shooty and assaulty the chaplin will obvisouly go with the assault marines. The 2 dev squads are for anti tank/anti infiltry. This is about all the models i own. The only other things i have is a Vindicator, 2 dreads, and 5 scouts with snipers. I was thinking about takeing out the whirlwind and putting the scouts in instead. Any advice is welcome and i thank you in advance.

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    hi, the army list seems prety sound to me and is pretty forgiving. It can handle anything and would make a decent tourny army. One thing tho. 2 devastator squads are good, so you can focus one more than one tank threat, but if you are considering (citys of death or just normals games even) don't waste ownership of the vindicator and scouts...they are GREAT units! The sniper are pinning, and wound on 2+ and the vindicator is str 10 ap2....enough said (I Love Vindicators). just my views. Good army tho!

    cheers...happy gaming

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