Greetings everybody!
I started playing WH40K 7 years ago, but I always played the bad guys (Tyranids and Saim-Hann Eldar) so far.
However, I decided to start collecting Space Marines now, since I am tired of being on the wrong side of Bolters... Imperial Fists are the Chapter which I like the most, both for the background and for their looks (since I am more a painter than a gamer, I think that painting a yellow army will be both challenging and rewarding).

I want to play a defensive/counterstrike army to have a break my usual style of play, so I am trying to plan a shooty army supported by mobile units which can deal with the enemy once it gets close (I think this will fit the mobile defense doctrine of the Imperial Fists). Here is my first try.

Jump Pack, Twin Lightning Claws, Iron Halo, Terminator Honors, Frag Grenades
151 pts.

He will join the Assault Squad, I picked a Captain instead of a Chaplain because I think I will need the Ld boost given by Rites of Battle

Tactical Squad (6) x3
Lascannon, Plasma Gun, Sgt. w/Bolter
115 pts. each

Tactical Squad (6)
Lascannon, Sgt. w/Bolter
105 pts.

Small shooty Tactical Squads will provide firepower and flexibility, and force my opponent to divide his forces. If needed, I can use them to lure my opponent into traps and counterstrikes. One Squad doesn't have a Plasma Gun because I needed to spare 10 points.

Scout Squad (6)
Sniper Rifle (x4), Heavy Bolter, Sgt. w/Sniper Rifle
108 pts.

They will target low Ld enemy units and high To models if needed. I picked the Heavy Bolter because their fist targets will be infantry units.

Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor
120 pts.

He will support the Tactical Squads if big infantry units get too close to them, while providing some long-range support against infantry and light vehicles.

Assault Squad (
Jump Packs, Plasma Pistol (x2), Sgt. w/(Terminator Honors, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol)
218 pts.

This is my main CC unit, I want to use them to counterstrike infantry units which try to storm my shooty units and as a fast moving unit to fill gaps in my battleline. Moreover, they can be useful to get close to enemy lines and to conquer mission objectives if needed.

Tornado Land Speeder Squadron (1) x2
Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter
80 pts. each

The Tornado Land Speeders will target advancing infantry unit. They can target the flanks of enemy tanks as and take table quarters with a last turn rush.

Power of the Machine Spirit, Smoke Launchers
158 pts.

It will wait behind terrain until the enemy gets close. I guess my opponent will think twice before coming close to it, so it will be useful for psychological reasons too. The Machine Spirit will keep the Demolisher cannon firing even if the crew has been shaken or stunned

Predator Annihilator
Twin Lascannons, Twin Heavy Bolters (sponsons), Extra Armor
135 pts.

It will be useful against both tanks and infantry, and can move 6" and still fire with all its weapon.

1499 points, 45 models.
All constructive criticism and tips are strongly appreciated, and since I did not buy anything yet I am open to changes... I would like to keep the Vindicator (for background reasons) and the Assault Squad, but everything else can be changed if needed.

Thank you a lot in advance and please help a newborn Space marine
Mayor Quimby