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Thread: 2000pt BA Army

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    2000pt Blood Angel Army Advice Wanted

    I am playing a High Ground mission at level Gamma against Black Legion Chaos Space Marines. I have decided to split my army into two independent task forces using a single force organisation chart.

    I have choosen the deep strike stratagem to allow the units highlighted in red to start in reserve. There task is to slow the enemy's advance towards the objective after turn one i.e deep striking behind the advancing units and engage them in close combat.

    The second task force will advance towards the objective using cover and will be supported by a squad of Devastators and the preliminary bombardment stratagem.

    Dante 200pts

    Death Company

    Honour Guard 265pts
    Company Champion
    Chapter Standard
    Jump Packs
    2*w/Power Weapon & Plasma Pistol
    1*w/Plasma Gun

    Veteran Assault Squad 230pts
    1*w/melta bombs & Power Weapon
    2*w/Power Weapon

    Terminator Close Combat Squad
    5*w/Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

    Assault Squad 270
    Vet Sgt Melta Bombs and Power Weapon

    Tactical Squad 195pts
    Vet Sgt w/melta bombs
    Plasma Gun

    Tactical Squad 195pts
    Vet Sgt w/melta bombs
    Plasma Gun

    Devastator Squad 305pts
    1*w/Plasma Cannon
    1*w/Missile Launcher

    Baal Predator 125pts
    Extra Armour, Heavy Bolter Side Sponsons

    Your comments about my army composition and tactics would be grateful.

    Kindest regards


    "Crime is merely a left handed form of human endeavor"

    Blood Angels 6000pts

    Chaos Space Marines 3000pts

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    I think you have the Baal Predator calculated wrong - I'm getting 140pts.
    If you have 2 tact squads, go ahead and make the assault squad a veteran assault squad. The points are very close and the vets are tons better in options and extra attacks.
    I personally don't like plasma weapons and would rather take meltaguns. You could drop the melta bombs if you did. Or switch out. Meltabombs are great if you can get them dirt cheap (like bluemarines) otherwise it is difficult to hit with them and you only have one shot with a veteran sgt. Melta gun up close, you only need a 3 to hit and then 2d6 penetration. You're going to glance automatically with most vehicles.
    Plasma weapons seem to kill me more than the enemy, and aren't near as good agains vehicles.
    I would try to squeeze out some more points and get your death company jump packs, otherwise they will be left behind with the devastors - or do you plan on them foot slogging with tthe tact squads?

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