Hello all. I just found out about this site from a friend, thought I'd join. I started 40k a few months ago. I don't really have an army of any size yet, I've just been expanding Macragge so I can get used to all of the rules before I fully get going. I'm planning on Necrons for the main army, and having around 1,000 points (more for some) of all the other armies. I've also made some skirmish-level wargames using LOTR Risk, so if anyone knows where to get replacement armies I'd appreciate if they let me know (total forces are around 400 foot, maybe 100-200 cav and leader, and Hasbro officially stopped making replacement armies for LOTR Risk some time ago), and I'm planning on getting into BrikWarz as well (yay for Legos!). Any advice, pointers, strategies, comments, etc. for a n00b are more than welcome.