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Thread: New to forum.

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    New to forum.

    Hello all!

    This is my fourth attempt to build a complete army in four years. The first year I played eldar, second year orks, third year I bought most of my chaos and imperial guard and this year I'm gonna play them.

    In addition to 40k, I have a WHFB Empire army at about 1700 points, still on the sprue and collecting dust despite being relatively new models. Also I have a Night Goblin / Orc force that is worth about 1500 points.

    In the past four years I've had almost every codex and toyed with playing every army games workshop has decided to grace us with. It has plunged myself into destitution as no source of income can sate the appetite for more models and more armies.

    I play casual but for the past few months I've been prepping my models for tournament play (1250 pt. doubles for WH40k and possibly escalation for WHF.

    In general I have fallen out of the favour of the dice gods, not to mention I tend to make critical strategical errors. This is an excellent repellent for victory, and as such I tend to lose more games than I win.

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    But are you at least having fun? I know I have my ups and downs as a gamer, which is when you switch to another army you own.
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