so i was browsing web earlier and came across this site, noticed the discussion on the Guard and decided i wud have my imput

ok, im Fin, im 20 and i love Warhammer 40k :yes:

i have been collecting since i was... 13/14? if memory serves :p

i was a marine player, Ultramarines then Necromarines... (i was a youth with no knowledge :p)

ive had Trks (17 models) ive had Tau 300 quids worth (bk when i was in uk) and 500 quids worth of guard, plus more seeing as i bought a load of stuff when i moved out to NZ

um, i recently went for the Dark Angels, but with my 1000pt i got thrashed by guard XD
then i went for Tau again, and bought more random stuff, and i have just gotten myself bk into Guard, just in time for the new Baneblade i mite add

im not the best painter in the world, but im proud of my work adn i will add a few pics where im allowed but for now i will go wonder the forum for things to see and say

ta'ra for now