Hi there...

Nice furnishings they gots here. Plenty 'nuff room for alla us ORKS. I have, not that I have counted yet, but I am nearing around 10,000 points in every kinda ork out there. I am in the So Cal area, and can travel, so anyone who wants to field whatever they have against the mightiest Ork WaaauugghhLord ever, bring it.

Commanded by Lenny da Bruce, My forces include:

Feral Orks (just starting on them)
Evil Sunz
Bad Moonz
Cult of Speed (Yes, I know they now call 'em Speed Freeks... but my boyz are still in the Cult.)

Going to spend this summer getting ready for the broken ORKS to get a new even more broken Codex... and will build a new Gargant.

...That is, less'n some yoomies or Pointies or Bugz don't keeps us too OCCUPIED fightin'