I'm Tau Newb, and guess what, I'm a total 40k newb that is starting with Tau. I've been playing WFB for about 7 years, and I've collected and painted numerous armies. Some of these armies are O&G (8k worth of Night Gobbos), 3k Dwarfs (super-shooty), 3k Chaos (Tzneetch Daemons), 4k Ogre Kingdoms, 3k Skaven (RIP I got rid of these guys), and I'm working on a Vampire Counts army right now. I've got an entire room dedicated to warhammer/gaming, and I even have my own army table (built by GW ). I played fantasy so long that I decided to give it a break for a while and try 40k. I bought the BFM boxed set and played through those scenarios with my group a few times, and now we're all getting into it. I have roughly 2k worh of Tau right now, and I'll be playing my first battle tonight against Dark Angles. I'll post the result in the appropiate posting area. Thanks for the opportunity to hear me out, and I hope I can make a great addition to the site. Thanks ~TN