Hi all,

I'm new to these forums. I've been playing fantasy battles sporadically for about 4 years now, but a disproportionate amount of that has been cardboard cutouts, since my friends are all too broke to buy models.

I am starting to develop a pretty good Empire Army, though, which started as a bunch of hand-me-down unpainted spearmen and handgunners, and has grown one boxed set at a time to a pretty decent 2000-2500 pt army. Some of the more recently aquired models actually are painted well enough to not embarass me when I field them.

As much as I enjoy the game, it's really the painting and modeling that at the end of the day are the most satisfying for me. I love the Empire, but I'm also trying to decide what army I would invest in next if I decide to branch out.

Right now I'm actually on a volunteer program in Nepal. I'll be here almost another 3 months, and until then I'm separated from my books and models ;_; I'm having pangs of longing for my models almost as strongly as I'm having them for my ex-girlfriend.

I guess the only other thing I feel I should say about myself is that I'm extremely wordy. My posts are always three times (at least) as long as anyone elses. Hopefully it won't cause anyone any problems.